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gharvin 02-06-2010 6:29 AM

Hey guys a questions for other 420 users. <BR> <BR>I spoke with John @ WS about my 420. The reason for this is that I am mounting it in a location where I will not be able to adjust the gain without pulling the boat apart. <BR> <BR>My issue is what the gains should be set up at? I am using the aux input for my sound. <BR> <BR>WS suggested to tune the gains on the EQ to 90% and match the Aux input to 90%. I have done this and it is loud! <BR> <BR>The issue I can not turn up the gains on the amp at all for the cabin. This of course is when I am tuning the system at 85% full volume. This hurts me on tuning the sub as it is tied to the cabin volume.(own amp). <BR> <BR>Amps are Syn 1, Syn 2, Syn 4. <BR> <BR>My main concern is to turn the gain down to roughly 60-70% on the EQ to try to match the gain on the amps without creating hiss. <BR> <BR>Once this is mounted it is mounted! <BR> <BR>As I value John @ WS opinion I would also like to get some users input as well.

zacharoo 02-06-2010 9:59 AM

I have always thought you were a stange little man! Just my opinion. (: <BR>Gary post the pix went your done....don't think I can wait till the summer. <BR> <BR>Aqua

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