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you_da_man 02-03-2010 10:21 PM

Did a search, however, I guess the word "wax" is too short for the search feature because I get nothing so I have to post. Looking for an easy applying wax that doesn't leave residue. Leaning towards the Meguiar's or Mother's boat specific waxes as they have solid reputations. I'm already using Babes water spot remover and boat bright after each use. Just looking for a twice a year wax. <BR> <BR>(Message edited by you_da_man on February 03, 2010)

ajholt7 02-03-2010 10:27 PM

3m marine wax is what I use. I haven't used anything else so I can't compare it. I also use babe's boat bright after I pull the boat out.

factorykitted 02-03-2010 10:32 PM

collinite 845 insulator wax - nuff said

rugdr 02-04-2010 6:56 AM

I started detailing when I was 13 years old, so I have used a ton of different products. The Meguiar's and Mother's stuff is good, especially the Meguiar's Flagship Line. The one thing that I have found that works the best for me is the entire Poorboy's line of detailing products. I have recommended it to a couple of people on here and I think that most that have tried it are sold, as am I. Most of their products have great durability and all of them are extremely easy to use. The one key thing to all of their products are good, even, thin coats. It will be extremely easy to remove as long as you do this, but if you lay it on thick, it will be very difficult and make you hate life. <BR> <BR>Their website is <a href="http://www.poorboysworld.com" target="_blank">www.poorboysworld.com</a>. I don't work for them or get anything for pushing their products, I am just an extremely satisfied customer. Here is a couple of pics for proof. <BR> <BR>Paging Nautiquehunter for my backup..... <BR> <BR><img src="http://www.wakeworld.com/MB/Discus/messages/3183/772998.jpg" alt="Upload"> <BR><img src="http://www.wakeworld.com/MB/Discus/messages/3183/772999.jpg" alt="Upload">

mhunter 02-04-2010 7:34 AM

I got your back rugdr. I took his advice a year ago. My boat is a new 08 and it still made a noticeable difference. My 89 looks like new again. I also use the wheel sealant for the chrome wheels and stainless tower.Bugs and dirt just wipe off. Stick with the Dr. you won't regret it.

02-04-2010 8:01 AM

What products do you reccomend from the poor boys line?

dh03r6 02-04-2010 8:09 AM

Also do they make a product that helps fade?

lionel 02-04-2010 8:11 AM

^^ times 2

cwkoch 02-04-2010 8:21 AM

rugdr- Exactly which products do you use to wax your boat? Do you do it by hand or with a buffer? They have a lot of different waxes and sealants available. Just want to see what has worked best for you.

john211 02-04-2010 8:22 AM

Babes. <BR> <BR>I like your 210 doctor, that tint and tower. Nice.

rugdr 02-04-2010 12:16 PM

Thanks everyone for your comments. What I used on my boat is a great combination of things from their line, but I will try to explain a couple of things. As far as helping fade, their SSR1 thru SSR3 lines are for compounding and buffing, starting with the SSR1 being the lightest compound to the SSR 3 being the heaviest. Depending on your oxidation you would want to start with a rotary buffer and your choice of pad and work you way down in number, 3 for heaviest and 1 for lightest. You could then use any one of their finishing products with a random orbital buffer (like a Porter Cable 7424) to finish out the boat and then hand wax to finish. <BR> <BR>To get the results that you see above I used a couple of different things. I started out with Poorboys SSR2.5 with a rotary buffer and medium pad. I then moved down to the SSR1 and the rotary buffer with the light pad. I then used the Poorboys Polish Blue with Carnuba on the random orbital with a medium pad, followed by the Black Hole with a light pad. I then hand waxed the entire boat with the Wolfgang Fuzion wax (not a Poorboys's Product) and then followed that up with the Poorboys Polish with Sealant to seal then entire boat. <BR> <BR>With doing all this, most people wouldn't have to touch their boat for the rest of the summer with regular maintenance at the ramp for wipedown. I go well above and beyond and re-wax my boat once every two weeks, after washing, with a flash wax (easy on, easy off wax) that keeps a slick shine and protection on the boat...especially being black. <BR> <BR>I will tell you this, Autogeek.net now has Poorboy's sample kits that let you try an assortment of their products, with little money invested which may be a good idea for some of you. I will say that I do use other products from other companies for certain things, but this has been the best combination for my boat that I have found.

mcb611 03-03-2010 7:05 PM

mothers wax and i use a quick spray wax everytime it comes out of the water

razzman 03-03-2010 7:54 PM

Flagship a couple times a season and Boat Bright after every use.

colombiansurfer 03-03-2010 8:02 PM

^ X2 for Flagship and Babes Boat Bright.

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