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lukem 08-04-2003 3:51 PM

i think the skate looks sick as hell, i want to ride one. any body know when you can buy them. or can you know?

warlock00 08-05-2003 7:15 AM

Where did you see it? Do you have a link or something?

wakeworld 08-05-2003 12:04 PM

Doesn't anyone read the front page any more?

warlock00 08-05-2003 12:35 PM

Oh thanks David...guess I should pay more attention.

kristian 08-05-2003 3:20 PM

Front Page??

sae4life 08-11-2003 7:19 PM

Checked out the Gate today and it looks sweet, more like a wakeboard then any other skate i have seen but who the hell would pay what they are going for? I think hyperlite missed the boat with the price but game up with a nice looking board, hmm new priemere or a wakeskate? Not that tough of a choice.

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