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08-04-2003 3:47 PM

I ride behind a jetski and the wake is tiny. Does anyone have any tips for bigger air? <BR>

obrienride16 08-04-2003 4:07 PM

build a kicker

08-05-2003 5:05 PM

Thats a good idea but i need to know how to get more air off the wake i have because i'm a cheapscape. Any tips???? <BR>

obrienride16 08-05-2003 5:44 PM

you really won't be able to get much wake out of a jet ski no matter what you do. however, you could get a wakeskate, those are alot of fun and you don't really need a wake to do alot of those tricks.

08-06-2003 12:40 PM

i could try that but do u think i could fit a fat sack somewhere i know it's probably a stupid question but if there's a way do tell. <BR>

mvda 08-06-2003 1:45 PM

Daniel, getting good air behind a small wake is simply a matter loading the line and edging the board against the water passing beneath you so that you get launched. If done correctly, you should be able get some good jumps and eventually do a number of inverts. However, loading the line properly when behind a jet ski, will probably slow the craft so much that you won't be able to generate good air. So, you're kinda screwed. I'd go with David's suggestions until you get something a bit bigger than a PWC.

08-06-2003 4:49 PM

thanks for the advice but i'm not totally screwed a jet ski is more powerful than u might think but any ways thanks for the hint! <BR>

08-06-2003 11:18 PM

Dude I ride behind a bay boat. It's similar to a flat boat and throws about as much wake as a jetski. Trust me, you cant get that much more air the physical elements for pop just arnt there. The most I've ever gotten was 4ft off a one wake jump. Anymore is pushing it. My advice is to either get another boat or just have fun with what you got(thats what I do). <BR> <BR>Scott

pierce_bronkite 08-07-2003 6:57 AM

Daniel, <BR> <BR>I rode behind a Kawasaki 1100 zxi for about 3 years, and I found that the best wake was to have have two full sized adults on the jet-ski. This pulls off the best wake given with what you have. There was no room to put fat sacks on mine, so I just used people. I did alot of switch riding, powerslides, sliders, butterslides, just do alot of surface tricks. Of course you could do the normal wake jumbs with 180's but you can only catch so much air. I agree with Matt, load the hell out of the line. That is what I would do for the most pop.

08-07-2003 7:06 AM

Scott, When you say bay boat, is that the same as a pontoon? If not, then how would that wake compare to a pontoon? I have to ride behind one this weekend and just kind of wanted to know what to expect

08-07-2003 12:39 PM

I'm sure the bay boat will have more than a pontoon. Pontoons sit high out of the water, and they also have two big tubes in the water, instead of the center line in a regular boat. I can't imagine the wake is going to be any more than a jetski.

08-07-2003 4:17 PM

No its not like a pontoon boat. A bay boat is any fishing boat made to draw as less water as possible. Mine is a center console flat bottom with a semi v front. Thats why its like a flat boat but a little different. As far as riding behind a pontoon, they make about as much wake as a jetski if not smaller depending on the amount of people in the boat. Plus since there are 2 pontoons in the water the weight will be distributed and instead of putting out 1 small wake it'll put out 2 really small wakes. I wouldnt get my hopes up for a nice wake, just go out and have fun riding and chilling with your friends. <BR> <BR>Scott

08-08-2003 5:44 PM

My boat was down for about 2 weeks. Even though I couldnt use it, that wasnt gona stop me from wakeboarding. I used my pontoon. The wake sucked and it was about 4 inches tall. It only made me better though cause i practiced my flat tricks. I learned how to ollie off the wake much better cause i was forced to. Somehow even of a wake that small i managed to clear it.

07-17-2004 9:03 PM

hey man all these things the guys have told u r alright but i havent seen one that will actually help ya out so i got this for ya. tri getting sum sand bags or a cupple of trash bags and filling em with sand and attaching them to the back end of the jetski it works i had to do that with my buddies try it hopfully it will help ya

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