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misteve 02-02-2010 3:45 PM

Anyone else excited for it coming back tonight!?

greatdane 02-02-2010 3:59 PM

I grew tired of that show last year.

wakeboardertj 02-02-2010 4:04 PM

pumped, finally some questions will be answered.... maybe...

sangerlover 02-02-2010 4:11 PM

I gave up 2 years ago. Too many unanswered stories.

mammoth 02-02-2010 4:16 PM

Are there really questions to be answered? <BR> <BR>I gave up when the show required 100% suspension of disbelief. Any answers after things that happened in the first season will contrived and based in fantasy. The answers will be a total writers cop-out. Not something realistic and creative. Too bad, it had promise before the story lines became as believable as the WWE. <BR> <BR>Anyway, it's a kid playing in a sandbox.

mendo247 02-02-2010 4:19 PM

I survived three seasons. Not sure what happened. Started to loose interest, then when it started coming on later i really Lost interest lol

baitkiller 02-02-2010 4:29 PM


pesos 02-02-2010 6:23 PM

I watched seasons 1-4 all at once on DVD over about 10 days, lol. I can definitely say that if I had had to watch them over 4 years I never, ever would have been able to stick with it. Talk about SLOW. But at that point I got sufficiently sucked in to survive Season 5. I'm with Nate - I am not really holding out much hope for any truly brilliant writing, especially now that they have basically introduced a couple of demigods into the picture.

puckinshat 02-02-2010 6:39 PM

Watching the recap right now, it is definitely 5 seasons packed into an hour. I have a feeling I am going to be disappointed by the end; however, I am still going to watch. I was in the same boat as Wes, seasons 1-4 VERY quickly via Netflix stream, re-watched 5 in a few days when it came out a few months ago.

misteve 02-02-2010 7:28 PM

I was the same Wes, I started about 4-5 months ago and streamed most of them over my XBOX. I'm not looking forward to only getting 1 hour a week.

tversetti 02-02-2010 11:13 PM

Well guys heres a voice of love for LOST. <BR> <BR>Great show. Unbelievable but rarely totally predictable.

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