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dmorrison22 02-01-2010 8:25 PM

I just wanted to see if there are any riders in the city? I grew up in the bay area and riding at the delta, and now I'm up in the city. <BR> <BR>Just wondering if there are any other riders in the city? Anyone have a winch or boat? <BR> <BR>Does SF have a wake scene or am I it??

lfrider92 02-01-2010 9:29 PM

im in millbrae, and i live about 2 miles from the SF airport. <BR> <BR>i have a winch, and ive set up a rail in the bay before. i have a cove about 3 miles from the airport that i winch at. if you want to come hit it up, send me an email. im pretty much always down to winch. the only bummer is there are no gaps or anything like that around me, and i dont have a car, or way to transport the winch. but if you wanna pick me and the rail up. im down :D lets go bro!

meraculus 04-11-2017 12:47 PM


I know this is an old thread, I am posting anyway in case you guys still have a winch and are in the SF bay area.

Is there anyone in the bay area who has a winch and uses it in the bay?


ktm525 04-12-2017 1:26 AM

David is my Son. He no longer has the winch. We ride out of Orwood in the delta

meraculus 04-12-2017 12:01 PM

Hi Don, Thanks for letting me know.

ktm525 04-12-2017 1:52 PM

Sure no problem

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