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jarrod 01-29-2010 7:54 AM

anyone try it? I'm thinking this might be my next workout plan. Looks intense.

jaegermaster 01-29-2010 12:15 PM

I just looked into it in my area. There is a local cross fit place that has classes. It might make a great addition to my P90X. <BR> <BR>Good find, thanks.

jarrod 01-29-2010 1:18 PM

yep. I'm taking a class tonight at 8PM. I'll report on how it goes.

jeff_altman 01-29-2010 11:51 PM

I took it for about 6 months, class was going great, broke my ankle and have not been able to get back. Great work out and a lot of fun.

jarrod 01-31-2010 6:07 PM

I took a class yesterday. It was 10-15 mins of intense work out and 45 minutes of instruction. The workout was an exercise where you have to fend off two guys at once. You're basically attacking one guy with punches, and using him to shield you from the second attacker. In was fun. I was out of breath in the first 5 minutes. Crazy cardio. We did a lot of bag punching and kicking also.

gunz 01-31-2010 9:41 PM

BJJ owns Krav Maga,imo. <BR> <BR>I've done the drill you're discribing,I did the first thing that popped into my head,grab guy 1 and choke him out,then use him as a sheild.They said I had to kick and punch. <BR> <BR>Ever see a real fight that DIDN'T go to the ground? <BR> <BR>I'm sure theres a good BJJ school near Castro Valley,I could ask around for you if you want.

jarrod 02-01-2010 8:22 AM

What is BJJ? <BR> <BR>The one I'm going to is a quarter mile from my home. "near Castro Valley" Won't do me much good. I'm at work in San Mateo by 6:30 - 7am, pick up my daughter after work, and trying to balance weight lifting in the gym. Small window of time for me.

ord27 02-01-2010 8:29 AM

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu <BR> <BR>but I think that Ricardo has missed your point. I'm reading that you want a good, hard workout. I'm thinking that he thinks that you want to become a better fighter.....at which point, I would agree with him....

jeff_mn 02-01-2010 8:34 AM

I train in Jiu Jitsu as well. Have for quite some time. <BR> <BR>I'd say for pure workout - jiu jitsu would be a much better option. If you want to learn how to defend yourself on the street in an ugly situation - Krav Maga is the way to go. KM teaches you the neccesary skills to get OUT of a fight in a bad position. You learn gun/knife defense and "anything goes" personal safety (kick nuts, eye gouges, etc). <BR> <BR>If you're JUST looking for a work out - try jiu jitsu or "MMA"

jarrod 02-01-2010 8:54 AM

ah got it. <BR> <BR>Yeah I don't know about one owning the other. They're different. <BR> <BR>BJJ you're taking it to the ground. The Krav Maga way would be to disable the BJJ fighter with a kick to the nads, or kicking the knees, before it went to the ground. Krav seems like dirty, fight for your life, win with any means necessary. The instructor was talking about knfe and and gun stuff. Street fighting. <BR> <BR>I trained Tae kwon do for about 6 years as a kid, so striking is more natural than grapling to me. I'd love to be good at both. Too many hobbies so little time. <BR> <BR>I've only taking one class, but Krav doesn't seem to lack in the workout department. And I'm very much in shape already.

jaegermaster 02-01-2010 8:59 AM

I got a response from my local Krav Maga gym. They offer 3 classes a week, $75 a month membership. It seems a bit steep to me. <BR> <BR>Thoughts?

jarrod 02-01-2010 10:28 AM

Mine is 99 per month for unlimited, which for me would be 3 times a week. Seems in-line.

lizzyb 02-01-2010 11:02 AM

What is BJJ? Oh my. <BR> <BR>Jarrod, I believe my first ever UFC event was at your sister's house several years ago. Time to start watching some UFC Unleashed in your spare time. <img src="http://www.wakeworld.com/MB/Discus/clipart/proud.gif" border=0>

jarrod 02-01-2010 11:56 AM

wow, I had forgot about that! <BR> <BR>My wife doesn't enjoy it, and with a 4 y/o running around, it's tough.

lizzyb 02-01-2010 1:49 PM

I remember that fight.. it was Tito vs. Shamrock. We've been hooked ever since. <BR> <BR><IMG SRC="http://www.wakeworld.com/MB/Discus/clipart/happy.gif" ALT=":-)" BORDER=0>

jeff_mn 02-01-2010 2:08 PM

BJJ will be a MUCH better workout than Krav Maga. Typically, Krav Maga isn't much of a workout at all. It may "seem" that way upon taking a few classes but I would venture to guess that is simply due to you not being used to that type of exercise. <BR> <BR>Jiu Jitsu is a much better workout. <BR> <BR>And you hit KM on the head with your description. Do anything/fight for your life kind of situation. Jiu Jitsu is a sport. Krav Maga is self defense. <BR> <BR>Both are expensive. Between $75/month to $150/month depending on where you live and how many classes are offered.

jeff_mn 02-01-2010 2:09 PM

And a MUCH better option if you like striking is to take Muay Thai classes. Typically Muay Thai gyms are MUCH cheaper than BJJ or KM and the workout is even more intense.

jarrod 02-01-2010 2:45 PM

Jeff, how much Krav have you taken? I went and watched another Krav class at a gym in Dublin. There were people drenched in sweat and short of breath everywhere. <BR> <BR>This studio has two types of classes. One is instruction, the other is a Krav workout. The workout is a lot of drills, punching, kicking, running around. I plan on doing both. <BR> <BR>Out of breath is out of breath. Whether you're crapling on the floor, or throwing punches and kicks as fast as you can for short periods.....

jarrod 02-02-2010 8:21 AM

Class number two last night. 90 mins. First 45 mins was a workout. Box jumps, agility ladder, roundhouse kicks to the bag, kettlebell swings, plyo pushups, not stop. <BR> <BR>Second 45 mins was all attack drills with and without the pads. All out, everything I had. Punching, kicking, knees, elbows. <BR> <BR>One of the most challenging workouts of my life. I was spitting and drooling on myself trying to find the energy to force out the last few kicks.

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