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07-24-2001 5:29 PM

I'm going out on friday and would like to try an invert. In your opinions, what would you say is the easiest invert and how do you do it? I've heard that the tantrum is easiest from some people and others say that the hs backroll is easiest. I could also use some advice on landing my off-axis 360. Thanks is advance.

07-25-2001 2:02 PM

Anyone?? come one guys, I really want to work on some inverts this weekend and would like to start off on the right foot.

07-25-2001 2:22 PM

Backroll! You may want to go out a try a couple of each and see what is most comfortable to you, but I think the backroll is a lot easier and safer to learn as your first invert. There is a trick tips section with a video clip on here to help you with the backroll. Look on the general discussion from earlier today and someone states the link. Good luck!

07-25-2001 3:38 PM

Backroll as in tantrum?

07-25-2001 3:45 PM

totally different trick.

07-25-2001 7:04 PM

backroll is pretty easy, ts or hs, if you are comfortable going off axis then throwing your shoulder down for a backroll should be pretty easy

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