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benjaminp 01-27-2010 4:50 PM

Hey, I am considering entering a couple local contests this summer, and had a couple questions about putting together a run. <BR>First, how many tricks do you usually do in a pass? Or does it depend on the contest a lot? Also, is there an accepted order for throwing tricks (keep in mind I am a novice rider)? And my final question, is the boat often weighted for novice riders, and are you able to pick the speed you ride at? <BR>Thanks in advance, and if there is anything else you think I should watch out for, I would love the heads up.

wakemania 01-27-2010 5:09 PM

You can normally get in 5 to 6 tricks per pass (2 passes) for novice riders, so 10 - 12 tricks total would be about the norm. That is if you don't fall. Try to put your run together so you can use both sides of the wake. I'm assuming you have no inverts so an example would be HS Indy, TS Indy, HS trick, TS or Switch trick and so forth. Try to get as many TS and switch tricks in as possible IMO. They don't usually weight the boat for novice. They will normally have enough people in the boat to get enough weight. Lastly, you need to make sure the driver knows what speed you want to ride. It will be up to you to let the driver know. Good luck. Don't treat it like a job and just go have a blast. I would watch others ride and get ideas from their runs. Mostly you want to have a bag of tricks which feature, HS, TS and switch tricks.

ttrigo 01-27-2010 5:15 PM

one thing I would suggest, is to get some runs behind boats you would be riding in a contest. when I had my boat, my wake was much smaller than any of the boats that the local contests pulled with. even without weight, the wake was much, much bigger than mine. you will get booted and thrown off axis if you charge the wake like it was your own boat. just a thought. but yes, make it all about fun!

tchs22 01-27-2010 5:26 PM

+1 to what train said...I ride behind a I/O and when i got behind actual vdrives and direct drives it screwed me up....had to get accustomed to wake difference

wakemania 01-27-2010 5:28 PM

Train, that is so right. My son boarded behind a deck boat just starting out. His first contest was behind an Xstar. You should have seen his face when he saw that wake from behind the boat for the first time. Fortunately, he was able to get a few practice runs the day before the event. Saved him for sure. Good suggestion.

jason95gt 01-27-2010 6:46 PM

Also try to build up your tricks from easiest to hardest. The last two or so tricks per pass should be your hardest because if you fall, you are at the end of the run and it isn't going to hurt you as much as at the beginning. HAVE FUN!

deltawake 01-27-2010 7:49 PM

My advice is READ THE RULE BOOK! I recommend INT for your first contests. The format is spelled out in great detail. You can go in pretty much knowing what to expect. We have been active with INT for several years, and I would say the #1 problem that people have is that they don't read the rule book. Competitors often can't figure out how they got beaten, and very often it comes down to the fact that the other person knew the rules and used them in their favor. If there is anything you don't understand, ask the coordinators. <BR>If you are doing a non INT contest, ask the organizers how you will be scored. Most of the people who put on wakeboard events are very willing to be helpful. Grassroots comps are a blast. Go out and have fun! <BR>The other comments are spot on also. <BR>Where are the comps that you are thinking about competing in?

benjaminp 01-27-2010 9:15 PM

Thanks for the advice so far, its great. I know what you are talking about with the boats. Last summer was the first time I rode behind a real wakeboard boat and the wake was unreal. I still love how high I get booted. I am from Ontario, Canada, so right now the only contest I have looked into with any effort is Wakestock (starting small I know), but I know there are a few more in my area. I'll probably read the INT rule book anyway, just for any tips.

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