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01-27-2010 11:12 AM

Hey guys I wear a size 8.5 shoe. I bought a pair of size 08 shanes last year sz 9-10 and they were just a tad big. Felt good off the water but when riding they slopped around just a tad. I want to order some 09 LF's in size 8-9 but I don't want them to be too small cuz they would probably suck to resell in that size. If they are too tight at first, will they brake in okay? <BR> <BR>BTW I rode the 08 Ronix One boots last season in a size 9 and they fit good. Will the LF 8-9 be similar?

stephan 01-27-2010 11:16 AM

Don't buy too big of bindings for the sole purpose of re-sale. Busting an ankle is not worth the $40 dollars that you might get down the road.

wakebrdjay 01-27-2010 11:50 AM

I have the '09 Watson Ltd.I wear a sz.10.5 shoe and I got the bindings in sz.10-11.They were a little uncomfortable the first 3X I used them,but fit perfectly since then.I say go with the 8-9.

wakebrdjay 01-27-2010 11:58 AM

Oh and X2 on the don't buy too big bindings for Big's reason and cause riding with too large bindings sucks and hinders your progression.

nauty 01-27-2010 2:34 PM

I am a size 9 and I wear the 8-9 in my Shanes as well as the Watsons I rode the year before. They fit PERFECT!

tchs22 01-27-2010 3:34 PM

I wear size 13 and got a pair of 09 shanes in 11-12 and i like the sz better

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