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blowhole 01-26-2010 4:56 PM

I know its not the ideal wake boat but I just want to know what people think of them.

fernslinger 02-02-2010 5:55 PM

I have an '07 <BR> <BR>Good all around boat. Not a huge wake be not bad for a direct drive. What are you planning to use it for?

blowhole 02-03-2010 7:54 AM

mostly wakeboarding. theres a few ski'ers in our group still. mines an '04 just has the stock port side ballast. just got it in Oct. did you put sacs in yours or no? boat flys by the way. oh, also, where do you have ur wakeplate set at to get the best wake?

tonyv420 02-04-2010 12:16 PM

great ski wake, and ok wakeboard wake with a little help (ballast)

fernslinger 02-05-2010 5:36 PM

I only have the factory ballast in the ski locker. I set the manual plate all the way up...Yes, the boat moves pretty good with the Black Scorpion 330...what engine you got?

blowhole 02-10-2010 7:35 AM

thanks for the info, not many people talking about T5 or direct drives on here. yea got the black scorpion 330. I was thinking about taking out the rear seat since its not bolted down and putting a large sac back there.

tonyv420 02-10-2010 12:05 PM

put in a sack that works doulble as a seat.

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