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spearing 01-26-2010 10:47 AM

This thread comes on the heels of Scott Byerly being rejuvenated with wakeboarding in WBM this month. I also saw a fellow rider (who only wake skates) actually get on a wakeboard last summer on a guys trip and had fun wakeboarding again. <BR> <BR> Which are you? <BR> <BR> - wakeboarded only <BR> - wakeskate or die <BR> - wakeboarder -> wakeskater <BR> - wakeboarder -> wakeskater -> wakeboarder again <BR> - wakeskater -> wakeboarder <BR> - wakeskater -> wakeboarder -> wakeskating again <BR> - wakeboarder possing as a wakeskater sometimes <BR> - wakeskater possing as a wakeboarder but making it look good. <BR> - Confused <BR> - I am a WAKESURFER man

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