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08-01-2003 6:36 PM

huy boys, i was just wonderin how to get some huge air on toeside. i can clear half the wake but i want the hole wake. everytime i strt to cut hardit feels like my back footis gunna come forward and faceplant. give me your tips and how to practice. <BR>

08-15-2003 9:50 PM

hey man handle placement is the key for myself on ts jumps. the only way i can make it w to w is by keeping the handle low to my lead hip. the higher the handle is, the less leverage youll have and youll never get enough of an edge. practice by edging outside the wake toeside. this helped me because the edge feels the same.and remember to have a slow progressive edge to start so you get a good solid cut with your back fin not slipping at all. good luck

08-18-2003 10:28 AM

Just remember that you have to edge all the way up the wake, you will not clear it if you flatten out, also kevin is right with the handle placement, make sure you have it to your hips, and use it to keep you balanced

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