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dreevs 01-25-2010 8:13 AM

I am interested in finding some challenging GYM workouts and or programs. I see all of these P90x, Insanity, Crossfit deals out there - and they all appear great, but they seem tailored for home use. Thats great for people who have time at home, but I am the other way around. <BR> <BR>I work an hour an a half from my house. My days are long. I have always set aside my lunch hour for workouts. It has worked out well for me, but being that my office is far from home, I work out at a gym close to my office - Golds actually. <BR> <BR>I have always used the Mens Health Personal Trainer program ($5 bucks a month) online. It has worked wonderfully for me - BUT, I have done every workout on their site a dozen times or more. I'm bored with it. I still recommend it to others - I have just used it for over 5 years. <BR> <BR>I started to mix in the 300 workout - fantastic results and very fun, but again, it got boring after a while. <BR> <BR>I am not trying to lose weight, I am not trying to gain weight - Ive been working out since 9/11 - yep that 9/11. I am just bored, looking for a serious challenge that I can do at my gym - not my house or some tailor fit gym. <BR> <BR>Any suggestions out there?

timmy 01-25-2010 8:16 AM

Do the aerobics classes and get in the back row.

tings00 01-25-2010 8:37 AM

lol, great response

depoint50ae 01-25-2010 9:10 AM

Get P90X and put it on your video IPOD or bring a laptop and do the workouts at your gym. You should have everything you need for the workouts at your gym. It should save you money in the long run since I bought lots of equipment for the home use.

dreevs 01-25-2010 10:14 AM

Tim - only if you go with me! You still around? Still diving?

dreevs 01-25-2010 10:18 AM

P90 means you have to have the video to do it?

timmy 01-25-2010 10:37 AM

Yes, still around, was in Summerfield for new years eve... <BR> <BR>Diving yes, but not as much due to the weather/waves...did do an intracoastal shore dive (near an inlet at high tide) this past saturday, water was 70F. <BR> <BR>I've actually been hitting the gym a lot too, but my workouts are pretty boring. Moderate lifting + cardio on some days, straight cardio on others. Weight loss has been my main focus, and I am currently down 45lb from last may. Gym is the easy part, maintaining a good diet is the hard part, but I have gotten into a pretty good routine. Assuming I keep this up, I should be in good enough shape to actually ride pretty well this summer. It certainly has made surfing tons easier!

dreevs 01-25-2010 12:28 PM

Good for you man! The wife and I had our first son on January 11th so Ive been pretty focused on that as of late. Hoping to get some diving / spearing in around May.

bchesley 02-16-2010 7:55 AM

Ted, I do crossfit workouts in the gym every day. I too work closer to my gym and dont want to do it at home. Its pretty easy to do them at the gym. It sometimes takes some creativity.

wakevb 02-16-2010 8:15 AM

+1 on Brad's recommendation. Try the crossfit WOD and you may have to make some mod's to it, but it will keep you busy and engaged. Thats all I got for you. It will be a new challenge to time yourself or do a max round workout. There are forums where you can then compare yourself to others. The competitive nature keeps me going.

sidekicknicholas 02-16-2010 9:02 AM

P90/P90x needs the videos but you can download all 13 (I think) and the money you save there buy a cheap media player like said above and jsut watch/listen to them at the gym.

dreevs 02-16-2010 12:15 PM

Cross fit / P90x just seem to be it now huh? I think I can make them work - the challenge Im looking for may just be trying to incorporate those programs into an attmosphere I dont believe they were intended for.

timmy 02-16-2010 12:18 PM

don't forget "insanity" that is all the rage on infomercials now

alanp 02-16-2010 12:57 PM

you will have alot more options doing p90x at the gym than you will at home. crossfit is good to do at the gym too.

mammoth 02-16-2010 1:25 PM

Based on your stated goal, Crossfit is probably a bad choice. It can provide the challenge that you're looking for, but it doesn't work so well in a commercial gym. Every Crossfit WOD is measured, either for time to complete, reps in time, or max loads. Most people say that they can't rely on a particular stations availability throughout a timed WOD, or that their gym doesn't have the right equipment to do the lifts safely or for max-effort. <BR> <BR>The measured performance is what leads to the intensity. If you aren't measuring performance you aren't doing Crossfit. <BR> <BR>Fitness programs are usually designed and chosen around goals. You have said that you don't really have specific fitness goals, but that you just want to 'work harder'. Maybe you just need a gym buddy to push you?

bflat53212 02-16-2010 1:41 PM

Actually knowing Ted, I think Crossfit might be what he is looking for. From what I understand, it will kick your ass! Something new everyday. <BR> <BR>Check it out: <a href="http://www.crossfit.com/" target="_blank">http://www.crossfit.com/</a> <BR> <BR>Congratulations on the kid man! I hope everything is going good. I am assuming you are finished with all of your home projects, which must be nice.

bendow 02-16-2010 2:31 PM

It seems like if you ask anyone on wakeworld the only way to work out is P90X...to be quite honest I'm sick of hearing about it. <BR> <BR>Go to the gym lift 1 or 2 muscle groups, 20-40 minutes of cardio, eat right, be consistent, and you're good.

jeffr 02-16-2010 11:00 PM

New workout partner, work with a trainer a few times for some new ideas, Add another sport to the mix for cardio, Find some new challenge to break up your gym rutt! If working out on you lunch hour is the best time for your schedule. Try adding some intensity with plyo type moves, or limit rest times to 30 seconds between sets. Super set multiple muscle groups with no rest between sets! Even changing the order of your routine can feel like a change to keep it interesting. Switch regularly from cables, machines, dumbells, flat bars.... variety! <BR> <BR>My busy schedule makes it hard to keep a consistant work out partner at the gym. Trying P90X at the house has worked for me to provide a bit of a change for now. Will add some gym stuff back to the mix and some running, and soccer for cardio. I have done a few of the P90X workouts at the gym using my IPOD to see if I liked it...I didn't. When I hit the gym I like to different moves. <BR> <BR>Yes, regardless of the program... consistancy, intensity, variety, and good nutrition are key. <BR> <BR>Bendow... time to read another post.

bendow 02-17-2010 5:15 AM

^^^ guess so... <BR> <BR>P90X is good for holding peoples hand through a work out....that's it. go for it!

acurtis_ttu 02-17-2010 6:03 AM

Ben, <BR> <BR>I think the appeal of P90x on here is that its different. In my early/mid twenties I never would have even considered something like p90x..creeping toward my mid thirties and being in the gym for the last 15-20 years had me searching for a change. Im 63 and been as big as 220 4-6%bodyfat ( mid 20s), but last year after doing p90x was around 195, 10-12% body fat and was probably in the best overall shape of my life. I definitely wasnt as strong as I used to be, but my overall fitness level was much higher. Personally my fitness goals have changed quite a bit over the last 3-4 years.

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