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baitkiller 01-23-2010 5:56 AM

Has anyone done a deck-off grid rebuild on a late 80's Sun setter? Curious as to what you found and the general layout of the grid. I can only see aft of the pylon and all that is pretty far gone. Are there outboard stringers as well? And what is the grid like forward of the pylon? Did you find structural rot forward of the pylon? <BR> <BR>I think I'm not yet recovered enough from my last boat build to start another. (the wife will kill me) But the price is right on a cool little boat. <BR> <BR>Talk me into or out of it. <BR> <BR>BTW skills / tools not an issue. Just time and the idea of being way way way upside down in the thing when I'm done. <BR> <BR>If the boat is free I'll still spend 4K just making it right, let alone spendy upgrades. <BR> <BR>In a boat that is worth, what, maybe 7-8K tops? <BR> How do you spell pylon? <BR>Keep talking.

timmy 01-23-2010 6:20 AM

If it is your entertainment/hobby/etc I'd say go for it. Much better than parking yourself in front of the TV every night.

brett564 01-23-2010 7:51 AM

I've re-read this post several times, and I'm still confused.

formfunction 01-23-2010 8:44 AM

I looked at one a few weeks ago and it seems like ply screwed to stringers with foam voids. <BR>Whatever the case its a small boat and would be a quick fix if you had the time it could net you a few thousand next year. <BR>I would base my decision on the overall condition of the boat and price.

nautibiddy 01-23-2010 9:15 AM


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