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buzz_grande 01-21-2010 12:00 PM

Well, wanted to get back on this a while back, but things have been crazy with the holidays, and the new year. <BR> <BR>For those of you that remember, I had posted prior to the holidays about Kim and I becoming a licensed foster care home, and the pool fence we needed in order to get things rolling, and get some kids into our home. Well, it was probably bad timing on my part to try and get this going right before the holidays, but several of you were VERY generous and caring, and still donated to the cause, and really helped, even though the holidays were coming, and money was tight. THANK YOU again all of you! You can be assured that is was very appreciated. <BR> <BR>I looked for my prior post, but I guess I waited too long, and the “non-wakeboarding” posts are not archived. For those who did not get a chance to read it, basically Kim and I have been working for close to 2 years now to become foster parents. Many hours, many classes, background checks, etc. BIG process, but we feel it is way more than worth it in the long run. The one main hurdle left is we need a fence around our pool before we can have kids. The fence runs around $2600, but we found a great company that is willing to work out somewhat of a payment plan. Problem is that we are strapped as far as extra cash for the fence. Kim is due for her 4th surgery in a couple weeks, and work has been tough for both of us. Last month, several of you were great in helping us out by donating towards the cost of the fence, and I pretty much decided that I would wait until after the holidays to hit it up again. <BR> <BR>We really need to get the fence paid for, and are very much still looking for donations. We need to get a couple of the kids into a loving home. If you have any way to help out, no matter how much, it would be greatly appreciated. We have a PayPal account set up under <a href="mailto:sdfdemt@aol.com">sdfdemt@aol.com</a>. This account is strictly for the fence. <BR> <BR>And, for those that did not see the previous post, Becky George has graciously offered up a sort of bonus for someone that makes a significant donation. She has offered a few days use of her houseboat. How cool would that be? You make a donation to our foster care, and end up with a few free days on a houseboat, with a few of your friends, and a couple great riders. I will post more details on this soon, but what a great thing for Becky and her family to offer. You are awesome Becky! <BR> <BR>Thanks again to all WakeWorld members that have helped out so far: <BR> <BR>Dave Williams (Wakeworld) <BR>Becky George <BR>Blake Hughes <BR>Stu McKeown <BR>Jason Kranz <BR>Bradley Humphrey <BR>Denver Dyer <BR>Ian Brown <BR>Renee Viehman <BR>Jon Manzo <BR>Darcy Newton <BR>Benjamin Nason <BR>Mark Riley <BR> <BR> <BR>More to follow! <BR> <BR>Thanks again! <BR> <BR>Buzz &amp; Kim

zo1 09-23-2010 7:46 PM

Ya ever get your fence Buzz?

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