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spearing 01-18-2010 9:53 AM

Two part question below. <BR> <BR>Note: This purchase will be a cable park board only. I am interested in rail performance, kicker performance (and landings) also air tricks and loading the cable? with that being said the two questions. <BR> <BR> 1.) Riders of the LF press boards do you notice a difference in a 2008 and 2009 LF press? Reason i ask is looking to buy a never riden 2008, or should i just get a new 2009? again cable arena only. <BR> <BR> 2.) Have you riden a LF press and a SS recoil?}which did you like more? again cable arena only.

wakebrdr38 01-18-2010 11:15 AM

Dont most people like hybrid or continuous rockers for cable?

sidekicknicholas 01-18-2010 11:17 AM

I've been on an Ennen Press and a Recoil... <BR> <BR>Went instantly back to the Recoil... much better feel to me

boutwell_43 01-18-2010 12:26 PM

I ride behind a boat only, I have a 09 recoil. When I talked to Kyle at SlingShot he said the reflex was a awesome cable board..might be something to check out.

kcrider 01-18-2010 1:23 PM

I've ridden both presses. Not that much difference. I like the 09's sizes better and the shape is a little different but not much different. There is much less flex in the presses than the recoil. The recoil felt more alive under your feet but the stiffness of the press is nice if learning how to rail ride. Its really a personal preference but I like slingshot's flex boards better than the LF's. Just remember to land tail heavy because those flat bottom boards can land hard if you land in the middle. Nothing to break up the water at impact. However if you land right they are so nice because its just like landing in the flats if you are riding at the cable. Plus the slingshot's have the slider base and the presses do not. This might sway your decision. I personally don't feel this is too much of an advantage in a flat bottom board. There is nothing to catch on and both boards will get a lot of scratches on the bottom. Scratches are not a big deal at all, its when you chunk a fin or the sidewall that it makes the grind base nice. The base does slide a lot faster though. Once again personal preference. I really like the faster sliding grind base which is why I didn't buy a company which I could've gotten for a really good price. I think the slingshots MIGHT last a little longer but if you can get the press for fairly cheap and you should, than go for it. Its still a really fun cable board. Personally I wouldn't ride a non flex at the cable anymore. Well that is until my PS3 breaks, than its only flex for me. I don't do air tricks so that is why like the finless flex boards. Funner on the rails.

joshbuzz 01-18-2010 5:18 PM

Slingshot. Slingshot. Slingshot. go watch the latest shredtown video called "a day at the cable" and you will think no differently.

extremeisaac 01-18-2010 5:25 PM

+ 3 for recoil.. love it!

cheesydog 01-18-2010 6:57 PM

slingshot is a nice cable board for sure, if u want an LF flex board consider the Watson hybrid, just demoed it on the weekend with lyman fins, sick sick board. cuts great for air tricks and lands butter soft. You can get a nice press on, not as much as 100% flex boards but more than a stiff board. Its a good option for an all round board.

spearing 01-19-2010 12:15 PM

Ok well I actually got the board already, I want to know what people thought of each board with out knowing i had it. I got the 2008 LF Press 142 and i got it for $130 used but lightly. The boots didn't even leave a mark on the deck so maybe once or twice used. pretty happy with purchase. I guess I will look into SS in the future. Thanks for feed back. <BR><img src="http://www.wakeworld.com/MB/Discus/messages/65919/769696.jpg" alt="Upload">

kcrider 01-19-2010 1:11 PM

Hey Jim you won't be disappointed. Especially at that price. Its a real fun board

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