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deuce 01-16-2010 11:22 PM

Out of nowhere my 6 year old Boxer "Scout" went down this afternoon/evening. Good as gold all morning, started to get lethargic in the afternoon, rush to the vet at 7:00 and he never made it there.... <BR> <BR>Has been healthy as a horse, he is my running partner....he has yearly vet checks, Hell he has insurance.... <BR> <BR>Of course they have ideas as to what could have happened, all heart related.... But what a *****er.... <BR> <BR>Man I hate this chit.... Tough to outlive our dogs.... <BR> <BR><img src="http://www.wakeworld.com/MB/Discus/messages/4387/769359.jpg" alt="Upload"> <BR><img src="http://www.wakeworld.com/MB/Discus/messages/4387/769360.jpg" alt="Upload">

greatdane 01-16-2010 11:32 PM

Sorry for your loss EJ. He was a beauty. Dogs teach us so much. They make us better people. <BR> <BR>We went through this 2 years ago. We lost our pup on Feb 11 two days before his 8th bday. Its tough to loose loved ones dog or human.

ponyh8r 01-16-2010 11:44 PM

Sorry E.J. He was a beautiful running partner and looks like he was great w/ kids. Keep your head up.

lizrd 01-17-2010 4:53 AM

EJ - Sorry about the loss of your family member. I am Boxer person too and I know how great they are. He looks so joyful in the second picture - I hope happy memories will soon help you feel better.

mayor_h 01-17-2010 5:33 AM

so sorry for your loss... <IMG SRC="http://www.wakeworld.com/MB/Discus/clipart/sad.gif" ALT=":-(" BORDER=0>

parkgirl 01-17-2010 6:01 AM

so sorry for your loss, it is very tough, I know. Just be comforted knowing you gave him an amazing life with you and your family

deuce 01-17-2010 10:02 AM

Thank you all. I appreciate your condolences and kind words. I am always a little awestruck at how a pet can weave its way into our hearts, becoming another member of the family....

dakid 01-17-2010 10:11 AM

sorry for you loss.

duramat 01-17-2010 10:12 AM

Sorry to hear that buddy. condolences.

wakereviews 01-17-2010 10:21 AM

wow, I'm very sorry. that is horrible.

bmcgee 01-17-2010 12:17 PM

Sorry for your loss E.J. We lost one of ours a week ago yesterday, and it too was pretty sudden. She was fine one day and we had to put her down the next. You really don't realize how important they are until they're gone. Just give it some time and things will get better. Do you have any other dogs or was Scout your only one? He definitely looked like a noble dog.

jaybee 01-17-2010 12:19 PM

Sorry for your loss man. I am dreading the inevitable.........

zo1 01-17-2010 1:12 PM

Wow, that sucks man. The vet give you any idea as to what happened? Though those symptoms are pretty general that is usually how it goes w bloat.

wakeboardertj 01-17-2010 2:11 PM

Sorry for your loss, its so tough to lose your family pet, same happened to our 7 year lab 2 years ago, dropped down out of no where. I think it has something to do with the brand of dog food he was getting mixed with mad genetics....

mendo247 01-17-2010 3:53 PM

So sorry to hear that man. Thoughts to you and your family.

chpthril 01-17-2010 4:13 PM

Sorry to here. I know it's tough to loose a close family pet.

deuce 01-17-2010 4:15 PM

<blockquote><hr size=0><!-quote-!><font size=1><b>quote:</b></font><p>By Manzo (zo1) on Sunday, January 17, 2010 - 12:12 pm: <BR> <BR>Wow, that sucks man. The vet give you any idea as to what happened? Though those symptoms are pretty general that is usually how it goes w bloat. <!-/quote-!><hr size=0></blockquote> <BR> <BR>The vet felt like it was either cardiomyopathy(actually what killed my doberman, but was not sudden like this) or that he "threw a clot." <BR> <BR>I keep going over this in my head and just cannot believe it happened......unbelievable...

patrick232 01-17-2010 4:22 PM

Sorry for your loss

jinxton 01-17-2010 4:42 PM

So sorry for the loss, remember all the fun times

lizrd 01-17-2010 6:43 PM

Cardiomyopathy is HUGE in Boxers and can now be tested for using a simple cheek swab DNA test. I can only hope that reputable breeders will start to use this inexpensive test and that cardipmyopathy can be wiped out of the breed. I know it will never happen but I can dream...Cardiomyopathy shows up generally at an advanced age and correlates with the syptoms that you have described. I have a Boxer now who is on heart meds and (so far) it has controlled the issue. The ONLY way we found out was some pre-op examinations. E.J. Again, I am sorry for your sudden loss - that it was unexpected makes it hurt even more.

allen 01-17-2010 10:28 PM

EJ, <BR> Sorry for your loss. We just got news a few weeks ago that our 8 year old lab will be gone in about a month or so. Lymphoma, i keep going over in my mind what it is going to be like without him. I will not be so good that day. <BR> Sorry for your loss, it is amazing how they become parts of our lives. They will always be in our hearts.

zo1 01-18-2010 7:18 AM

That is crazy... <BR> <BR>Take the one silver lining. Not sure if you had ever gone through this but be glad that it happened so quick and that Scout did not suffer and that you did not have to make the decision and the trip to the vet...

fatsac 01-18-2010 7:41 AM

Horrible news. A good friend had their Boxer go down the same way this summer. Incredibly active and healthy but walked outside and fell over. It turns out he had massive cancer around the chest and heart. <BR>I guess we have to just enjoy every day.

acurtis_ttu 01-18-2010 8:32 AM

EJ, very sorry to hear about your loss. I have 3 boxers of my own ( 7 y/o, 3 y/o and 1 y/o--Father, son and grand daughter). I consider myself lucky to have such great dogs.

dhorton 01-18-2010 9:04 AM

Wow EJ so sorry to hear about your family's loss. Great pics above, I love the one of your dog and young daughter running through the grass. We lost one of our two heelers a few years ago while on vacation, that was a tough phone call to get.

woreout 01-18-2010 9:56 AM

Yeah sorry dude, I lost my best friend "Cheap" May 1st. She was hit by a car here at work, she went everywhere with me. People that havent been through this just dont understand how bad it is when you lose your best friend. Good luck, only time will heal your sorrow.

guido 01-18-2010 1:32 PM

I love my dog like a kid, so I can only begin to imagine what you're going through. <BR> <BR>The only bright side is that he went quick. Like was said before, there is nothing worse than thinking you're going to have to bring your buddy in to be put down. <BR> <BR>Best of luck. It'll get better. You'll have nothing but fond memories of him and you'll eventually get another dog that you fall in love with all over again.

grant_west 01-18-2010 3:19 PM

EJ: Sorry about Scout: My brother's faun boxer passed away very much the same way you described. Fine in the morning and then all of a sudden she was gone. Hope your doing better.

01-18-2010 6:24 PM

My boxer went to sleep one night and never woke up. It was tough for us but at least he went in peace.

behindtheboat 01-19-2010 7:39 AM

Very sorry for your loss <BR> <BR>I was contemplating going home for lunch just to check in on my pup, now there is no question. I hope all is getting better.

lizzyb 01-19-2010 9:49 AM

I'm very sorry for your loss E.J.

silvermustang35 01-19-2010 11:17 AM

Sorry to hear about your loss E.J. <BR>This is from the other forum, but I thought it was a really good poem, so I thought id repost it here... <BR> <BR>When God had made the earth and sky, <BR>The flowers and the trees. <BR>He then made all the animals, <BR>The fish, the birds and bees. <BR>And when at last He'd finished, <BR>Not one was quite the same. <BR>He said, "I'll walk this world of mine, <BR>And give each one a name." <BR>And so He traveled far and wide <BR>And everywhere He went, <BR>A little creature followed Him Until its strength was spent. <BR>When all were named upon the earth <BR>And in the sky and sea, <BR>The little creature said, <BR>"Dear Lord, There's not one left for me." <BR>Kindly the Father said to him, <BR>"I've left you to the end. <BR>I've turned my own name back to front <BR>And called you dog, my friend." <BR>-Author Unknown-

aarond0083 01-19-2010 11:23 AM

E.J. Sorry for your family's loss. Scout was a gorgeous dog and obviously well loved and cared for. It's unfortunate dogs have such short life spans as they do become part of the family for most owners.

01-22-2010 10:22 AM

My condolences, E.J. It's one thing to prepare yourself for it, but that's rough. <BR> <BR>If it's not too late, I found some solace by getting my beloved Sampson an eternal resting place: <a href="http://www.perfectmemorials.com/" target="_blank">http://www.perfectmemorials.com/</a>

skull 01-22-2010 1:51 PM

Very, very sorry. I can't imagine how bad this must be for you.

deuce 01-22-2010 4:27 PM

Again, I very much appreciate the kind words... It has been a difficult and very odd week. I keep looking for my friend....you know, where he was lying every morning when I would go down to make coffee.... Or @ the window when I am driving up to the house.... You kind of get programmed into this stuff..... <BR> <BR>I think Michelle is hurting the worse.... When I would go down and make coffee every morning, Scout would go upstairs and take my place in the bed with Michelle... He'd never sleep with me... But if I was out of town, he'd be in the bed with her... <BR> <BR>I was who he would play with....she is who he cuddled with... <BR> <BR>Anyway...TMI....<img src="http://www.wakeworld.com/MB/Discus/clipart/uhoh.gif" border=0> <BR> <BR>Thanks again.... <BR> <BR><b>Swass</b>, We did some type of paw print urn... I was a wreck when we were going over it...so I am not clear exactly what to expect when we pick it up... I appreciate the thought...

sandyspringer 07-05-2011 6:45 PM

This is so sad. I lost my first dog a few years ago and I don't think you ever really get over the pain. He was not only my running partner but went literally everywhere with me. I bought a keepsake in his memory and had it engraved http://www.evrmemories.com/sterling-...p/evr812ss.htm and I wear it every day. Helps a little to have him with me. My condolences. Been there and it's not easy.

diamonddad 07-06-2011 1:56 AM

Man, this sucks. Sorry for your loss. I lost my first dog at 8 years of age in 2008. He just died one evening. It sucked but the pain equated to the relationship and that was something to celebrate. Hope this helps.

07-06-2011 7:06 AM

I love Boxers. Mine went to sleep one night and never woke up. Unfortunately the vet told me Boxers are prone to all kinds of health problems, especially cancer.

sailing216 07-06-2011 8:29 AM

We are putting our doberman down in a few weeks when all the kids are home from camp. Gonna be tough. Our Great Dane is 5.5 yrs old so probably have to go through this in another year or 2. Gonna be hard on all the kids when they've had the dog there every day of their lives. When I was a kid, luckly I was at college when my dog had to go down. Hang in there.

fly135 07-06-2011 8:55 AM

Sorry to hear this EJ. Must be tough. My dog is going on 17 and I know it can't be that long before he passes. I can imagine how you feel. Mojo sent!

deuce 07-06-2011 1:49 PM

This is a blast from the past(18 month old thread).... Damn I still miss that dog.

We now have 2, the pup(fawn) we got last Spring and a rescue(brindle) we took in a few months ago.

07-07-2011 9:54 AM

Holy thread revival.

The pups are lookin' good, E.J. The guy on the left is a big dude.

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