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helinut 01-16-2010 6:23 PM

Are there movie editing programs out there that would automatically change pictures to the beat of the song playing in the background? I could do it with movie maker, but it would take forever to time all the pictures correctly. I see it done all the time with video, so I'm not sure if they are doing that manually or automatically.

wakesurf12 01-16-2010 7:52 PM

Yeah man, it is all done manually. Good editing is good for a reason.

richd 01-16-2010 9:54 PM

The good part is you could give the same song and same raw footage to five different guys and they would edit it 5 different ways which will get 5 different reactions from the viewer.

dcervenka 01-18-2010 12:42 AM

Never used it, but you can try: <a href="http://animoto.com/" target="_blank">http://animoto.com/</a>

wakeboardern1 01-18-2010 1:07 AM

Shawn, I could do it for you if you wouldn't mind packaging the stuff into a zip file and sending it my way. I literally have nothing to do here at school for the next two days and depending on how long the song is/how many pictures there are, i could have it done pretty quickly.

helinut 01-18-2010 12:31 PM

Thanks for the offer Nick. We don't have the photos and such ready, I was just curious if there was software that did it before we got started. <BR> <BR>Good to know you have to do it manually. I can do it that way, but good grief, that is some major work. I can't imagine how much time it takes on those fast beat, multiple shots videos. <BR> <BR>I remember back 10 years ago when I did video for skydiving. You had no idea how the video would line up with the music until you rendered the whole dang thing. Rendering took at least 45 minutes for a 10 minute video too!

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