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wakeitnofakeit 01-16-2010 5:46 PM

Anyone know of product that will get pine sap off of my seats. Thanks in advance.

chpthril 01-16-2010 6:27 PM

Try Goo Gone or Goof Off

hfpesko 01-16-2010 8:28 PM

Rubbing alcohol works great on pine sap. Just hit it with some vinal conditioner after and you should be golden

bandsecurity 01-16-2010 8:32 PM

I would be careful w/ the goo gone/goof off. For some reason, it really impacted the texture of the seats in my Tige. Almost like it cleaned the seat too good and removed the coating.

99_slaunch 01-16-2010 8:45 PM

I would try warm water and some liquid dish soap and then condition it.

dh03r6 01-17-2010 8:29 AM

2nd the dish soap and be patient with it, sap looks better then a hole or a spot that's the wrong color. I had some on my boat last year and tried many things and only got it a little better, after a few days at the lake the sun must have bleached it. Now they are gone.

the_right_kind 01-17-2010 9:17 AM

Waterless hand soap that mechanics use will take it off. Put a little dab on the spot and let it set for a couple of minutes then wipe it clean. <BR>We have pine trees around our house and we get sap on our cars sometimes. Gotta watch where you park.

wakeitnofakeit 01-17-2010 1:21 PM

Thanks for the tips

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