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corbin 01-14-2010 5:55 PM

Does anyone have experience with 303 Fabric Guard on their boat cover? Every time it rains I end up with wet carpet and if it rains hard enough, rain in the bilge. I am really getting tired of the wet carpet and mildew/mold that it creates. I want a dry boat, but don't own my own house yet so building a big enough garage to store it in is out of the question. <BR> <BR>Basically- I need some waterproofing for my boat cover, is 303 Fabirc guard the best option?

motorcitymatt 01-14-2010 6:13 PM

I use Colemans waterproofing spray for tents on my cover(sunbrella). One can runs about 7-8 bucks and will get one good coat on your cover. Try seam sealer also for tents on the stitching it's a lot of work but might help. I didn't seam seal my cover but it did work great on my tent.

jward10 01-14-2010 7:03 PM

do you have your cover tented up well? are you getting pools of standing water on your cover?

bill_airjunky 01-14-2010 7:16 PM

A local upholstery shop recommended <a href="http://www.boatersworld.com/product/MP81126233.htm?utm_medium=productsearch&amp;utm_so urce=google" target="_blank">Aqua-Tite</a> to me some time ago. The stuff is amazing &amp; will easily waterproof a paper towel.

corbin 01-14-2010 8:50 PM

yes the cover is tented up well. There is no pooling water anywhere. Problem is that the guy before me didn't tent it up so it has become week in the middle behind the engine (DD) <BR> <BR>I'll look into the suggestions thanks guys.

rallyart 01-14-2010 10:42 PM

I've put it on my canvas cover but it's not exposed to much rain most of the time and is still pretty new condition. It seemed to work for me, but I have not given it a real test.

packrat 01-14-2010 11:53 PM

303 Fabric Protector does work well of course it depends on what the fabric it is protecting how well it works. Also if you have a tower water can easily get into the boat via the tower legs. Wrap saran wrap around the tower legs and the boots of the cover to help keep the water out. The cover must be clean before you spray the 303 fabric protector on or it won't work well.

wakebrdjay 01-15-2010 6:53 AM

Sunbrella recommends using 303 because it allows the sunbrella to remain breathable.I used something else on mine and it caused the cover to mildew on the inside.

justsan 01-15-2010 11:41 AM

303 Fabric Protector works well, but as stated you can't let water pool on the cover or it will leak. <BR>An alternative is to cover the boat with your normal cover, get a silver tarp (higher grade than blue), build a "tent" using PVC pipes...run one from the windshield to the stern with extensions that come off and rest on the gunnels. Then the same with the Bow, and throw the silver tarp over the "tent" set up and strap it down. <BR>Does this make sense? <BR> <BR>I have zero adobe skills and no pictures, sorry. <BR> <BR> <BR>Another alternative, growing up, my dad used sheets of aluminum siding, bent them in the shape of an A-frame room, and threw the tarp over the top...same concept.

corbin 01-15-2010 5:19 PM

What is the best method to apply 303 Fabric Guard or Aqua-tite? I have an aircompressor and paint gun (Devilbiss) but it is not a gravity feed. Any thoughts?

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