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jdreiser 01-13-2010 7:01 AM

My winter project is to partially rework the stereo installed by the PO on my 2007 210 SANTE I purchased last May. The stereo sounds alright, but I have already reworked the wiring and power (proper 1 and 4 gauge fused blocks and wiring from Knuconeptz) and added a Clarion EQ for sound control and the aux input. The PO installed a rather large sub box with 2 Sony Xplod Wal-Mart specials powered by a Blue Diamond amp that was screwed on the enclosure itself. Needless to say, although this set up produces bass, I would like to upgrade the quality of these components. I'm not looking to kill fish with the bass, but am looking for a quality sound with some thump. I would also like a smaller enclosure. I was looking at a 10-12 inch L5 or L7 Kicker, but am also open to other ideas and advice. Thanks,

jonyb 01-13-2010 7:13 AM

The Wet Sounds XS-12 is a pretty good woofer that doesn't take up much space. I've got a picture of one from an install I did in an X-Star, but can't get it at work. <BR> <BR>It's at <a href="http://jonyb.webs.com" target="_blank">http://jonyb.webs.com</a> under photogallery.

acurtis_ttu 01-13-2010 7:18 AM

for the price/durability it's hard to beat the L5's and L7's. They also don't need much airspace to sound good.

acurtis_ttu 01-13-2010 7:19 AM

About two years ago , I swapped out all my JL w6's (v2) for kicker L7's.

jdreiser 01-13-2010 12:53 PM

Thanks for the advice. Any particular amp suggestions for L5 10 or 12 inch?

ndavis03 01-13-2010 2:13 PM

Kicker ZX600.1. I had this amp powering a 12 L5, and considered it to be a good bang for the buck. However, I did upgrade it last year to a 12 L7 powered by a ZX750.1. Also, that ZX600.1 can be found pretty cheap from various online distributors.

chpthril 01-13-2010 2:20 PM

The new Kicker DX1000.1 will do 550 watts @ 2 Ohms for the L5 10 D4 or 1000 watts @ 1 Ohm for the L5 12 D2.

javony 01-13-2010 8:50 PM

I also agree with the 12in L5 or L7. I just had my stereo reworked as a winter project and am running one L7 in a sealed enclosure under the dash and it's powered by the 750.1. It seriously slams. I had two 12in L7's under the observers seat and moving them from under the seat to their new location made a world of difference. Sealed is the way to go as well, and it requires a box that is alot smaller. The 750.1 gives it enough power in my opinion as the Kicker amps are under rated to start with

kamighazi 01-14-2010 1:24 PM

Ok i have a quick HIJACK : <BR> <BR>For the life of me i can't figure out 2ohms v. 4ohms. I know that it potentially is a sound quality difference and i know one requires more power. <BR>But how do i know which one my system is using. Example: the zx700.5 describes as: <BR> <BR>RMS Power (4 ohms) 70 watts x 4 chan. + 210 watts x 1 chan. <BR>RMS Power (2 ohms) 85 watts x 4 chan. + 420 watts x 1 chan. <BR> <BR>What i want is the 2 ohms for 85w x 4. but how do i obtain that config? is it just saying that, thats the peak power output with peak power input? Or is there a way to setup the system to always push 2 ohms? <BR> <BR>(sorry if this is a stupid question, i'm relatively knowledgeable with systems. These facts seem to escape my comprehension every time.) <BR> thanks, <BR>/HIJACK

kamighazi 01-14-2010 1:58 PM

^Disregard <BR> <BR>Turns out it was a stupid question. <BR>Not googling prior to a question should be a crime. <BR><a href="http://answers.yahoo.com/question/index?qid=20081105222403AAgVGR8" target="_blank">http://answers.yahoo.com/question/index?qid=20081105222403AAgVGR8</a> <BR>nuf-said

chpthril 01-14-2010 3:47 PM

Ben, there would not be a noticeable difference between in 70W's and 85W's anyway. With an amp (or amp chnls) wired at 4 Ohm, it will draw less current and run cooler.

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