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mikeski 01-11-2010 11:52 AM

I just bought a used Rankin cover for my boat and I have a few questions. There are a few D rings on the straps on the back, not sure if there is some clip or how the straps attach to the back of the boat. The one in the center can attach to my lifting ring but I am not sure where to attach the other straps. The boat is a Nautique SV211. <BR> <BR>Thanks Mike <BR><a href="mailto:mikeskiw@gmail.com">mikeskiw@gmail.co m</a>

phenom_1819 01-11-2010 12:14 PM

Mike, you can pull the three middle straps all to the center tow hook. The d-rings are better than the clips because you can get them tighter. Best way to tigthen with d-rings is to to pull the strap through both d-rings from the bottom, make a loop with the end on top, and pull the loop back through the bottom d-ring... then pull tight. To release, just grab the end of each strap and pull, and it releases. Seems complicated...but once you do it once, it makes sense and is very quick. Hope this helps.

robert 01-11-2010 3:10 PM

Mike, when Rankin sent the cover to the first purchaser it came with four small "tabs" that would be attached to the transom and then the each D ring would go over the the small tabs and be pulled tight ,this would make the straps straight and not at a angle which would make the cover fit better especially for trailing.

lakeski 01-12-2010 7:58 PM

Cal's right. The middle three straps go to the center to avoid rain puddles, at least with a Toyota Epic. <BR> <BR>I like the tabs that Robert mentions. Tabs didn't come with my cover.

mikeski 01-13-2010 12:24 AM

Got a PM from Cory Anderson of Evolution Covers yesterday. Cory worked for Rankin for many years and understands my cover very well. Cory explained that the straps should go straight down to the boat to avoid buckling or puckering in the cover. He confirmed that the cover came with some clips to be mounted to the boat when it was new (also confirmed from the guy that sold me the used cover). <BR> <BR>Cory spent probably 15 minutes on the phone with me talking about the cover. During the conversation I mentioned that the straps were shot and that I would need to sew new straps on the cover. He offered to send me the straps and thread at no cost! This is super cool, I have never bought anything from Cory and he offers to send me stuff for free. Even if it's only $2 worth of stuff this is still super cool of Cory. <BR> <BR>If anybody is looking for a new cover, definately give Cory a shout. His covers look great <a href="http://www.evolutioncovers.com" target="_blank">www.evolutioncovers.com</a>

moon 01-13-2010 9:13 AM

Yeah, Cory has great customer service even if you don't buy from him. My Bro-in-law had his X2 cover shredded by the wind last summer and I referred him to evolution covers because that's who I got mine from. Cory told him to buy another one from mastercaft because it would be less expensive, but he would send him some sort of water repellent treatment for the new cover for free. Pretty cool guy if you ask me.

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