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07-30-2003 2:53 PM

I can ride swith, do a surface 180, and ollie 180 and now i wanna try a HS 180. I've tried it but i always land on my back.Any suggestions? <BR>THANX <BR>

mvda 07-30-2003 5:25 PM

Jump first, then pull the handle to turn yourself. Land with it by your back pocket.

07-30-2003 5:29 PM

Definitely over-emphasize leaning onto your toeside edge. If you lean on your toeside edge and hold on firmly to the handle near your back pocket, you will stick the landing. Also, keep your eyes on the horizon and don't look down.

airbesar 07-30-2003 6:38 PM

I'm not a very good boarder but what helps me to come down on top of the board, or even a little further forward to get on the toeside edge as Shane points out, is to try some grabs anywhere on the front of the board while doing a regular HS w2w jump. This forces you to get your body forward and over your board a bit. This also gets you all ready to add that grab once you're landing the 180. Good luck.

deepstructure 07-30-2003 6:52 PM

another trick i was taught is to roll your handle hand over, so that the handle is pointing at the water (instead of parallel to it). this rolls your shoulders forward as you land and helps keep your weight going forward. <BR> <BR>also, according to the higher learning section in wakeboarding mag, don't pull the handle - just move it. moving it from side to side is what changes your body position. on a 180 there's no need to advance to the handle (since you're not making a behind-the-back handle-pass), and that would just get you off-balance anyways. <BR> <BR>good luck!

07-30-2003 10:01 PM

Thanx guys i'll give it a shot this weekend,hope it's glass.

07-31-2003 12:48 PM

J.Baxter - I remember exactly what I did to nail 180s (huge) both switch HS and regular HS in less than an hour... <BR> <BR>Step 1) ollie 180s <BR>Step 2) inside-out wake 180s <BR>Step 3) one wake 180s <BR>Step 4) w2w 180s <BR> <BR>Do 5 of each step (or until you're comfortable) then go to the next one. My guess you'll have it all nailed in a couple of runs. <BR> <BR>Believe it or not, it gets easier and easier the bigger you go. You'll nail this much quicker than you think. The more pop you get, the more time you have to rotate and prep for the landing. It's all about leaving the wake with a strong body position then moving the handle left or right to rotate. <BR> <BR>Not hard at all... go for it!

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