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ryand121 01-10-2010 12:53 AM

I just moved to Morgantown from Colorado. Looking to meet some new people to ride with this summer, and get some info about the area. I'll have my X-Star in WV sometime in March, once the weather gets warmer. Hit me up. -Ryan

dougr 01-10-2010 12:25 PM

hey, we boat on the cheat every weekend. its a great lake, i have an ezno 23, and i just sold my vlx, we usually get out in the beginning of may. i will keep you posted. here is my email <a href="mailto:dougrose1@hotmail.com">dougrose1@hotm ail.com</a>

lav 01-11-2010 7:04 PM

Whats up ryan, ride in moundsville mainly on the Ohio river. <BR>I am located appx 45 min from morgantown and i try to get in early as weather permits <BR>I have an 02 xstar and there are a couple of SAN around. <BR>and duffy is north of me about 45 min he has a wakesetter <BR>we always have room for an extra

ryand121 01-12-2010 6:46 PM

Thanks for the info guys. It's always good to have a little boat variety going on! Im glad to see a good bit of riders here. I work in the oilfield, and let me tell ya, after a few of these freezing nights, I'm totally ready for summer!

dougr 01-14-2010 5:56 PM

hey greg where is the best place to launch in moundsville, maybe this summer my group and i will bring a convoy of boats down to the river for the weekend come summer. it would be great to hook up with a new group

lav 01-22-2010 6:23 AM

Doug the best place is the public access on 13 th st, (under the bridge) the ramp is kinda steep but it is easy in and out, there is plenty of parking there (unless there is a BASS tourney) <BR>Let me know and maybe we can get all the local riders together for a weekend <BR> <BR>(Message edited by Lav on January 22, 2010)

duffy 01-23-2010 12:11 PM

Wow! A WV thread holly shiat, Ryan just moved from Tampa back home to WV. Economy sucked down there so now I'm here. Anyway I have an 06 BU and ride with Greg. So as soon as the weather gets good we will all hook up!

duffy 01-23-2010 12:19 PM

Doug, <BR> <BR>After living in Florida for the past seven years, there would be nothing better than seeing a convoy of wakeboats shreddin down the river for sure. We will definitely get some seshes together...

dougr 01-23-2010 2:45 PM

sounds great i am in

ryand121 02-19-2010 6:25 PM

Hey guys, so here's the what I got so far. I just moved into a condo on Cheat Lake, right above the Sunset Beach Marina. I'm trying to find some info on renting a slip for this summer, so I can leave my boat in the water on the weekends. Let me know if you guys have any more info, and if you want PM me for my contact info...

dougr 02-20-2010 9:26 AM

sunset is a good marina, i am not sure the costs but mike runs the place and works hard to keep everyone happy. there is the restaurant right there as well as 2 more that just opened up on the lake. Give him a call, he will hook you up

ryand121 03-07-2010 2:51 PM


Originally Posted by dougr (Post 1553165)
sunset is a good marina, i am not sure the costs but mike runs the place and works hard to keep everyone happy. there is the restaurant right there as well as 2 more that just opened up on the lake. Give him a call, he will hook you up

Hey Doug, what would be the best way to get a hold of Mike? Is that his number down on the boat rental shack down by the Sunset Marina, 304-594-0050 I think it is? Let me know man, thanks a lot.

dougr 03-07-2010 3:47 PM

ryan that should be it, but look up the marina on the net and you will find his cell number. hope this helps

duffy 03-07-2010 5:39 PM


Originally Posted by dougr (Post 1559530)
ryan that should be it, but look up the marina on the net and you will find his cell number. hope this helps

Sounds like a tight set up! Definitely going to come down and ride with you guys. Won't be long now!!!

ryand121 03-07-2010 8:39 PM

Hey guys, I've been trying to PM my contact info to everyone on this thread, but I can't get it to work. If you guys want it, hit me up at cwbduck121@hotmail.com. Thanks guys

ryand121 03-09-2010 8:37 PM

One more question guys. I'm looking for a place to store my boat indoors, do you guys know of anywhere that could do this? I tried a lot of the local self-storage places, but none of the doors are high enough. With the tower down, the boat is 7 1/2 tall, 9 1/2 wide, and about 24' long. Let me know if you guys have any ideas. Thanks a lot

wakeboard_pittsburgh 03-16-2010 10:21 AM

If you guys ever need another person, let me know. I am only an hour away and I spend a lot of my summer in the Morgantown area.

ryand121 03-25-2010 7:36 PM

Hey guys, I'm back in Colorado right now picking the boat up to bring back to WV. On the flight here, I was wondering if there was any local shops around that carry wake gear. I have been driving around Morgantown, and hadn't noticed any wake shops, or skate shops either for that matter. So where are you guys getting all your gear? I don't mind getting it online, but it's always nice tho try stuff like bindings on. Thanks for the info!

Kyle, whats up man, we will always be down for another rider! hit me up

wvboard 03-26-2010 1:11 PM

Kyle, you should just move down here to WV. You spend more time here than you do in PA!

No local shops in WV other than www.funksboards,com

dougr 03-28-2010 9:16 AM

ryan, i will get some info on the storage this week. i am picking my boat up this upcoming weekend too. so i wil be on the water by end of april. i store my boat in conneaut, its a little drive, but it is inside and taken care of for cheap. the navigation company.

I dont think there is a wakeshop anywhere close. Deap creek or conneaut is the place to go, take your boat and hit the local dealers, they usually have a large selection.

Kyle, are you beaver guys, i hit the #2 pool in the evenings with a few guys and we are always lookin for a 3rd. I will tow anywhere, its just the closes pool to where my buddies and i live. hope to see all of you this year, we have a great party crowd at the cheet:) cheers

joeshmoe 03-29-2010 7:16 AM

can anyone ride on friday? 80 degrees 4mph wind! also, does anyone surf or want to try surfing?

joeshmoe 03-30-2010 12:14 PM

ok, now it says 83 degrees on friday, 80 on saterday, anyone need a third?

wakeboard_pittsburgh 03-30-2010 12:28 PM

Ryan, good luck with the drive. The closest shop to you is High Mountain Sports in Deep Creek, MD. They throw a pretty cool contest every year in the middle of August. Here is some pics and video from last year - http://www.wakeboardpittsburgh.com/h...bust-largness/

Also try Funksboards in Matrinsburg, WV (out towards DC). Jeff is a really nice guy and he knows what he is talking about. I go out to that area a lot to ride with Mike, Max and Jeff. They do really cool rail jams & other contests - http://www.wakeboardpittsburgh.com/p...iver-rail-jam/

Doug, I am in the downtown pool and we launch out of the southside. I only go to beaver for the beaver regatta, and it looks like that is not going to happen this year.

joeshmoe 03-30-2010 8:30 PM

Don't make me go snowboarding again!

wakeboard_pittsburgh 04-01-2010 3:13 PM

If you guys want to find some more local riders, check this out - http://www.facebook.com/wakeboardpittsburgh

It says Pittsburgh, but its more of a Ohio, PA and West Virginia group.

lav 05-23-2010 9:43 PM

Was wondering how much intrest there would be in getting all
Tri-State Area Wakeboarders together for a weekend.
I would be willing to try and organize if it would be close to me.
If you want to try and get a count and suggest dates that will work
for you

I am thinking late summer on non holiday weekend like aug 7
and rain date aug 13
and I am bias but very little boat traffic on my pool
but not much to offer in way of night life there is a Bar/Grill on river(Prima Marina)
decent food , also north there is a another Bar/Grill(used to be Landing)
niether place is outrageous as far as price bottle beer $1.50-$2.00
meal per person $25-$30 a plate for dinner
any way if there is intrest let me know
I am also up to other locals just was thinking more along the line of

lav 05-23-2010 9:48 PM

Srry forgot , I am 12 miles south of Wheeling WV I70 close to both
Ohio and PA state line so pretty central for both states
also se decent hotels close to ramp

ryand121 05-24-2010 5:18 PM

Greg, that's a good idea man, I'd be down for sure.

Whats everyone's plans for Memorial weekend? I think I'm gonna have the boat out on Cheat Lake all weekend and part of the following week. Let me know if anyone else is going to out. Hope to see you guys out there

lav 05-24-2010 7:40 PM

Ok that is 1 if we get enough intrest I will chk pricing on hotel,
docking,and anything else.
Like I said I am open for Any dates (but I am involved in my sons baseball and it finishes
about third week in June) just think it should be an off
holiday(unless majority wants to party) core guys can wake up early
and get sets on holidays

Prob not much chance for me to make it to cheat but if I do I will
hit you up

ryand121 06-18-2010 3:05 PM

What's everyone doing for the 4th of July weekend? I came across this in Pitt. www.threeriversregatta.net, looks like it could be cool. I may stay around Cheat Lake though. Let me know. See ay

lav 06-21-2010 4:24 AM

I will prob be staying around here for fourth
family will be in from out of town.

The regatta s a good time , I think Kyle P and the crew he rides
with are or were involved with it at one time

prob one of the best fireworks shows I ever seen was at the
pittsburgh show, not sure how big this event is now it has been
a few years since I was there

Also trying to see what kind of intrest locally for a wakeboarders
get together

Ryan you still down for the Aug. dates?

Maybe Kyle P will chime in his network is alot larger than mine
and he is pretty involved with the Wakeboarders in Pittsburgh

duffy 07-01-2010 11:39 AM

Lets do it up! I'm up in Kittanning hitin up the Allegheny!!!

lav 08-04-2010 7:55 PM

It is suppose to be 84* and clear here sat.
I will be out most of the day , so if you want to come hang and ride
Or whatever contact me
There is some local intrest and will prob set up Rave slider
Also can prob park a couple of boats at my house over night if needed
If anyone is interested contact me an we can work out details

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