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flordiawakex45 01-08-2010 11:06 AM

Saw these on wakeboard mag looks cool... <BR><a href="http://wakeboardingmag.com/photos/2010/01/05/mastercrafts-2010-boat-wraps/" target="_blank">http://wakeboardingmag.com/photos/2010/01/05/mastercrafts-2010-boat-wraps/</a>

taft 01-08-2010 12:24 PM

How much do things like these cost? Installed?

y49sides 01-08-2010 12:29 PM

Think they start at about $2500.

bmartin 01-08-2010 1:46 PM

The wraps are OK but the Oakley move of the year vid linked with it was happening.

boardnxtx 01-09-2010 11:18 AM

Does anyone else agree that the skull and tattoo look is really being overplayed? I mean, are we trying to Ed Hardy and Affliction our boats out as much as possible? The designers need to hit the drawing boards a little more and come up with something unique, not overdoing an outplayed design. MC has had some good stuff in the past without venturing down this path. A little disappointing... <BR> <BR>Just my .02

01-09-2010 11:30 AM

agreed. ^^^^

jeff359 01-09-2010 12:55 PM

Affliction, Ed Retardy, Tapout, any T with rinestones or cost more than $10....The 2010 version of the barbwire tattoo, "trueflames", and tribal designs.

duffmangt 01-09-2010 10:06 PM

does anyone have a confirmed price on these? like anyone that has had one installed? 2500 is a lot for a sticker!

brett564 01-10-2010 2:02 AM

Recently I was at an event, and someone asked where one of our friends was. I said "He's over there... He's the only one we know who still wears Affliction shirts..." while pointing into a crowd. Everyone around us burst into laughter. <BR> <BR>What is going to be the next fad????????

magellan 01-10-2010 5:13 AM

Strongly suggest you don't order a wrap from MC. Go to a local guy who wraps cars, eliminate the middle man, and pay half.

polarbill 01-10-2010 10:31 AM

Hey, at least if someone has one of those wraps that look like ed hardy or affliction it will be easier to spot the boat full of douche bags. <BR> <BR>I really didn't like any of those wraps. Especially the one it the bird wings.

timmy 01-10-2010 2:58 PM

fugly as usual

bcoutsfly 01-10-2010 6:35 PM

MC's been "Hittin' da clubs" too much lately.

rio_sanger 01-10-2010 6:49 PM

Wait, what year is this??

01-10-2010 6:57 PM

I like the graffiti wrap! Nothing says I'm ghetto gansta like an 80K boat.

justsan 01-10-2010 7:07 PM

"Nothing says I'm ghetto gangsta like an 80k boat" ...couldn't have said it better myself, classic! <BR>Never been a fan of MC's wraps, although there was a digi-camo wrap last year that was pretty amazing done by up an outside company.

01-11-2010 9:46 AM

Justin, love the colors on your SANTE.

justsan 01-11-2010 10:04 AM

Thank you...I'm partial to it too <img src="http://www.wakeworld.com/MB/Discus/clipart/proud.gif" border=0>

surfdoggy 01-11-2010 6:12 PM

If you go to a good car graphics shop, you can design your own wrap with whatever you want. A partial wrap (about the rear 1/3 of the boat) will probably set you back between $1000 and 1500 if you do 3-5 redrafts of the design. The design work is what's expensive. The stickers themselves, once designed, are not that much.

beretta5spd 01-11-2010 8:07 PM

Anyone here see the monster energy wrap on the xstar at wake wars? I was impressed by it.

leveraged 01-11-2010 9:46 PM

the wraps on zdecals.com (i think thats the site) have been the only ones that even remotely look good imo. i dont know if u had the brand in the states but it reminds me of "bad boy" and "no fear" shirts i used to get from aunties at christmas when i was 5 each time I see the skull wraps and gansta bling like that. Wouldnt hurt to get a nice simple design....i dont think i would like my boat looking like a technocoloured nike shoe or a fubu singlet for 2.5k

mckid 01-11-2010 11:37 PM

i like the new liquid force brostock wrap for supra they look good...

cowwboy 01-14-2010 9:00 AM

I really like the epic that was made to look like a wood pirate ship.

gregg_rossi 01-14-2010 10:25 AM

How do you clean a boat with a wrap? do you wax it like a regular gelcoat? I bet they get bad waterspots and my guess is you have to be careful with what you use to clean it... Anyone know?

shawnk 01-14-2010 12:19 PM

Gregg - I have had a wrap on mine for two seasons, and knowing what I know now, I would have approached it differently. <BR>1. I love the wrap and the way that you can make a boat look differently. <BR>2. You have to very careful in the way you treat the wrap. Meaning: The wrap becomes almost pliable when it is hot out. So if it rubs against something or your bumpers are rubbing hard on it, it could damage it. <BR>3. You have to stay on top of CLEANING it. Water spots are a pain in the butt to clean off. <BR>4. I would have avoided a wrap with large dark areas. Because of the water spots and even scratches or even swirl marks from cleaning. <BR>Hope that helps!

onthewatermo 01-14-2010 12:28 PM

I've found the patterned ones (Byerly Nautique - Tim from Wetsound's old wrap) the nicest looking. I think a boat that looked like the bottom of Watson's board in The Truth would be hot. <BR><img src="http://www.wakeworld.com/MB/Discus/messages/3183/769069.jpg" alt="Upload"> <BR> <BR>(Message edited by onthewatermo on January 14, 2010)

wakeride26 01-14-2010 1:54 PM

We did this one in 08 and it has been tough to come up with something to top it.<img src="http://www.wakeworld.com/MB/Discus/messages/3183/769076.jpg" alt="Upload">

justsan 01-14-2010 1:58 PM

Brett, pretty...damn....sick!

polarbill 01-14-2010 2:31 PM

Check out this crazy one I found online. <BR> <BR><img src="http://www.wakeworld.com/MB/Discus/messages/3183/769084.jpg" alt="Upload"> <BR> <BR>Talk about random. <BR> <BR>(Message edited by polarbill on January 14, 2010)

beretta5spd 01-14-2010 2:49 PM

Whoa Brett that one is crazy

duffmangt 01-14-2010 3:01 PM

daniel, do you have pictures of that epic?? <BR> <BR>i called today to talk to my dealer about it and they said 3-5k...i guess depending on half or full wrap? thats insane!! <BR> <BR>i guess if i want one bad enough ill go to the local car wrap place and see what they think.

leveraged 01-14-2010 3:22 PM

for the life of me i dont understand why u would want to make your boat look like the nickolodeon channel molested it. I doubt someone would throw that wrap on a car so why do it to a boat? The yacht club wake setter looks good though, maybe a bit more colour though.

jonyb 01-14-2010 4:06 PM

The first one "Rusty" on the page would be pretty decent without skulls n crap.

beretta5spd 01-14-2010 4:16 PM

Can someone post a link of the epic wrap referred to in the thread? I'm on my blackberry and can't open the epic website

wakereviews 01-14-2010 4:56 PM

here's a design I almost went with for next year... but decided against it. <BR> <BR><img src="http://www.wakeworld.com/MB/Discus/messages/3183/769118.jpg" alt="Upload">

taft 01-14-2010 5:20 PM

@Shawn <BR>- Your boat looks awesome with that wrap. Nice choice! <BR> <BR>I really like the idea of wraps as you can give your boat a fresh look after a number of seasons. While some designs aren't that good, it's all down to the artist and what you ask for. <BR> <BR>I'd definitely look into the possibility of a wrap if I got tired of my boat's gelcoat design.

JamesPB22 03-22-2010 4:03 AM

Came Across this one on the net! Unique, Has skulls but think it works well. lookin 2 get one done... somethin that grabs my attention. thoughts?


srh00z 03-22-2010 7:22 AM

I liked the wrap that Travis Moye had on his boat a few years back. It was a gold boat with a heavy flake and the wrap had a subtle graphic. It looked nice and clean.

wakinbakin 03-22-2010 8:54 AM

3 Attachment(s)
Here's one that we had done last year:

alans 03-22-2010 10:31 AM

Nice Tomcat!!! That is only the second MB I have ever seen wrapped. Looks great!

Matt 03-22-2010 10:58 AM

3 Attachment(s)
Here is mine.. sorry bout the pics, will have some on the water soon

jujube 03-22-2010 11:29 AM

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Saw this photo on facebook - says it was at an international boat show in Europe a few months ago!

Cool floating display!

boardnxtx 03-22-2010 9:00 PM

Can someone please do another wrap without skulls all over it???????

Brett, that white Wakesetter is sick. Very clean and original. That's what I like to see.

Everyone seems to be throwing skulls on a random design and calling it original. How is that original when it looks like every other boat on the water with a wrap??????

JamesPB22 03-22-2010 10:41 PM

Whats the bet that everyone who is bagging skulls and tatto styles on wraps are over 40's... that white malibu design looks like it would suit my grandmother... no thought whatsoever. some text into the background and "microsoft word" style wakesetter text! definately not worth paying 2-3k to get that on the side of my boat... would rather it be naked. wraps are all about making boats stand out, look different on the water to all the others! you wont do that with simple photoshop skilled "designs" like that white one. (if you would even call it a design)... wraps are artwork. and those with skulls and tattoo styles arent thrown together on computer in a day or two. majority of them are Sprayed, drawn prior to any computer work and then digitally enhanced.

extreme amounts of detail are involved in most of those wraps posted above being bagged out by some readers. some detail even that cant be seen in those pictures. Just because your nearing 40 & those arent your style doesnt mean you cant appreciate the artwork.

Matt 03-23-2010 9:09 PM

Maybe some of you are missing the point of a boat wrap... It is an expression. If you want to put skulls all over your boat, do it!!! I did and I love the way it turned out... If some of you would rather have fairies all over your boats you can do that, dont worry I wont judge you...

mikeski 03-24-2010 12:14 AM

I am as attracted to boat wraps as I am to a woman with tattoos. To me, it's hard to find the beauty under all that ugly. I always wonder what is going on in the mind of an individual that does this to his boat. The white Malibu wrap is not bad. I would consider doing a wrap if I could make it look like a water reflection giving the illusion the boat was in the water when it was on the trailer. Random colors and angry skulls, no thanks. In my opinion the best part of a wrap is that it can be unwrapped.

wake_rookie 03-25-2010 3:31 PM

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I think a few tool bags gave the whole Affliction shirt, boat with skulls a bad name. I think another part is those that b*itch can't afford the shirts or the wraps, those that can pick the skulls. I am lucky my brother has started a company that does wraps and didn't pay for anything. However he did the wrap and put his name on it. Can't complain about something that is free. If I had seen that Japanese themed wrap I would have had them do something like that. maybe next year

elc 03-25-2010 4:04 PM

The affliction themed designs are a trend. All trends come and go... Not all trends are popular in the same part of the country at the same time. I can bet that most people in certain regions are sick of seeing the skull/tatoo themed designs because we have seen it a million times. Based on the "jersey shore" it looks like its very popular there... lol. In other regions it is just becoming popular or it is at its mid stage. Sooner or later the trend will die and in 10 years we will see something similar again.

wake_rookie 04-03-2010 9:49 PM

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what do you guys think of these. NO SKULLS

highrock 04-04-2010 5:57 AM

Whats Boss?

Matt 04-04-2010 6:10 AM

The top one would be cool if you lost the BOSS & put some skulls...

Matt 04-04-2010 6:18 AM

J/K I do like the top one..

benjaminp 04-04-2010 8:20 AM

My alltime favourite wrap ever in the history of the universe was a Nike 6.0 wrap from '08 or so, I want to say it was Steele Lafferty's X-star, but I'm not really sure. If anyone has seen it and wants to send me a picture, the boat was beached on a sandy shore, he was crouching in front of it giving a thumbs up (I think) and there may or may not have been a couple hotties in the shot as well. And it wasnt that kind of pale 6.0 wrap from 09.

04-04-2010 12:25 PM

To add to Mikeskis comment..."I am as attracted to boat wraps as I am to a woman with tattoos.".....A tattooed women or a wrap would be fun for a day, but I would never bring one home.

wakeboardertj 04-04-2010 4:23 PM

Travis, the second and third one look sick. Thank you for not putting skulls on it :D, hate that shiz

wake_rookie 05-15-2010 12:03 PM

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couple more

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