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tantrum999 07-29-2003 5:36 PM

Been wakeboarding a while and have good cut and tricks under my belt. I am trying flips and rolls but not a back roll! when i first tried i was landing on my feet but took a real bad one and hyper extended my back which put me out a while. i regularly go out but when i get to the wake i just abort the trick and cant get over the mental brick wall. The wake is not so big so all has to be right. Any ideas like maybe trying a wake skate? once i try one i wont turn back, i am over 30 and the pain is still there!

mvda 07-30-2003 9:04 AM

Try a few air rolls. Hard concept, easy trick. I'm not saying you'll get it before you get the back roll, but it will force you to understand the concept of a back roll and you'll no longer worry about a small wake. Also, air roll falls are rather painless. Remember, on back rolls (and air rolls) you are edging your board against the water passing beneath you so that the board flies up and around your body. Your handle is the pivot point and the driving force behind the invert is 20+ mph of water passing beneath you. The wake helps to give you additional upward momentum, but it is not even necessary. Good luck.

tantrum999 07-30-2003 1:04 PM

Thanks matt but sadly i am close on my air roll but just look at the wake and block up???? its really strange even though its so unlikely to get badly injured again.

mvda 07-30-2003 5:23 PM

Have you tried an air roll going into or out of the wake? I might get you a bit closer and get you over the hump.

tantrum999 07-30-2003 6:15 PM

no i havnt but worth a go! inside or out?

deepstructure 07-30-2003 6:54 PM

ya - i was going to suggest that andrew. try it going inside-->out. off the inside of the wake. that might be a good way to build up to it. <BR> <BR>btw, i learned my first backroll when i was 35, so don't worry, you'll get it!

07-30-2003 7:19 PM

Whats an "air roll"? <BR>Is it an invert? I've never heard of it...

deepstructure 07-30-2003 7:39 PM

it's a backroll done in the flats - not off the wake. air tricks in general are tricks just done on flat water, not off a wake. although for some reason the raley is a called a raley, so an air raley is actually an air air raley (at least according to detention).

socalwakepunk 07-30-2003 9:12 PM

Old school, Square Raley! (Air to Air Raley)

07-31-2003 12:35 PM

Seems like an air roll would be extremely tough (or an inside-out one wake roll). Since you're so much lower and don't have as much wake to give you the spin, it seems like it'd be all but impossible to learn without first being able to do one off the wake. Not true???

tantrum999 07-31-2003 2:55 PM

I think your missing the point, i was badly injured and just head games for me. back rolls are pretty basic. as soon as i try one wake to wake there will be no stopping me. air rolls are hard trick to try but only hard if you dont know how to load the line properly, its just teqnique and being strong. i land on the board every time, it happens so fast. i just need to hang on. <BR>Thanks for the inside out off the wake tip i may try or will try that first.

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