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07-23-2001 2:14 PM

I live in the Netherlands and wakeboarding is only good in the summer here. My summer vacation started 2 weeks ago. Saved all my money this winter for wakeboarding. But last weekend i broke my middle finger on two different places and a little bone in the palm of my hand. So i won't be wakeboarding for four weeks. After that i will have to start working again. Anybody else had any injuiries when wakeboarding? Does anybody know about events in europe where i could go to? <BR> <BR>Any idea how long it took me to type this message with one hand? He He <BR> <BR>Greetings from the Netherlands.

07-23-2001 2:35 PM

I'm typing with one hand too, but for different reasons! Just kiddin'! :o <BR> <BR>Ive been badly winded and i fell on my balls once too amongst other things. I'm lucky not to have twisted my ankles as I've have one foot coming out of the bindings on a few occasions. I reckon that the ankles will be the most common injury!

07-23-2001 2:38 PM

Yo Stewart!!!! So your wakeboarding in Scotland? <BR>Any wakeboard events there?

07-23-2001 3:15 PM

Not really, the only event that I know of is the Euro pro tour that stops off in england every so often!

(ludebehavior7) on Satur 08-04-2001 6:03 PM

I got a pretty annoying foot/ankle bruise a few months ago. Jumped a little off axis and came down facing away from the direction i was moving on my toeside. Well i bent my left foot way upwards and consequently got a large bump where the top of my foot meets my leg. What sucks is that everytime I have my bindings on the bump swells up and hurts like H*ll! I've got to let the thing heal sometime...guess thats what winter is for :)

08-04-2001 6:34 PM

that's really odd...injuries? wakeboarding? i've never really heard of any personally.

08-05-2001 5:18 AM

Yeah, I tore my A.C.L while doing a big h/s f/s 180 out into the flats. I'm still riding though.

I wasn't thinking about pulling a 3 at that point so it caught me by suprise you know 08-06-2001 9:30 AM

I was just doing a routine 180 grab across the wake when for what reason I do not know, but I popped more than I expected and over rotated (I wasn't thinking about pulling a 3 at that point so it caught me by suprise you know) I landed 270 degrees and a rail caught. I pulled a full fledged face plant and then the board came off one foot, shot up me, hit me HARD right on my funny bone. This was 2 years ago. I did permanent nerve damage because I still do not have feeling in my left hand. Oh well...it makes it feel like someone else is doing my dirty deed! haha! just kidding. have a good day <BR>Wishful Thinker

08-06-2001 10:00 AM

Yeah, I was attempting to do a 720 off a double-up and when I can down I landed off-axis, my body was leaning towards the back of the board and my front ankle bent so far, I found out when I went to the ER, that some bones were chiped apart and the ligiments on the inside of my ankle came loose. I had 2 pins put in my ankle to hold the bone fragments to heel. This happend in July of last year, so It took me out till the fallowing spring. But I can wakeboard again like nothing happened. Thank the Lord for doctors. My injury was kinda like seans but worse.

Skating's provided two broken arms and kayaking a dislocated shoulder, but these I consider MAJO 08-07-2001 8:14 AM

For me, wakeboarding has delivered more minor injuries than any other sport besides football. Skateboarding, mt. biking, whitewater kayaking and climbing all have left me relatively free from minor injuries. (Skating's provided two broken arms and kayaking a dislocated shoulder, but these I consider MAJOR injuries.) This summer's wakeboarding has resulted in a tweaked left knee, a twisted right ankle and a severely bruised right heel. I'm still gimpin' around due to the heel bruise. Regardless of the injury factor, wakeboarding is still my first choice for warm weather recreation!

08-07-2001 9:47 AM

On a blind 180 got off axis smacked my head and had memory loss. Air Ralley caught my edge smacked chest and head, memory loss. A couple ankle sprains.

08-07-2001 2:26 PM

I am 37 and have played a lot of sports including dirt bikes and skateboarding. I have never limped and gimped around as much as I have with wakeboarding. I almost KNOW that a major injury is headed my way and I still keep going at it. I keep telling myself to play golf and quit this, but it is so addictive.

08-09-2001 2:52 PM

on a simple but huge heelside cut my lead foot came out of my binding. my foot went forward torward the boat and i ended up falling on top the board while it was still going. the tip of the board nailed me in the forehead and left a pretty grusome gash, which bled for quite a while.

08-15-2001 8:42 AM

Is this post like a joke or something. Has anyone been hurt wakeboarding? It's more like what have you hurt wakeboarding because almost everyone has at one time or another.

08-16-2001 5:09 AM

If you aint been hurt your not trying hard enough.

08-16-2001 6:17 AM

Sprained ankles about...ummm...every weekend!

(blindmnkee3) on Thursda 08-16-2001 12:48 PM

Jarret, <BR> <BR>Get new bindings man, hehe :-) <BR> <BR>Adam

08-17-2001 5:28 AM

I usually head butt the water a few times to warm up a little

08-17-2001 5:28 AM

I have a plant for a face

08-17-2001 6:33 AM

Adam- <BR>No, still no bindings. Trying to work out a deal with the Slalom Shop for the Belmont's...might need Rob's help! LOL How about you? When do you go back? Later <BR> <BR>Jarret

08-17-2001 9:26 AM

I got a couple...... first of May , big frontside roll , to much forward momentum. Face into knee...Broken jaw in 2 places , I was wired shut for 2 months.. Two weeks ago big face plant off a doubleup off axis - 3, busted eardrum.... Last weekend A trip 38 fin to the face on a routine 180, when my foot poped out of the binding and the fin took a chunk out of my nose and busted it pretty bad too. Now im missing a piece of skin on my nose...Last year the same thing happened to my best friend and he cut the front of his nose off and had to have it sewn back on....We get dangerous down here in the south....

09-03-2001 9:10 PM

Nothing bad here... just pulled my shoulder, hurt my knee, used to get real bad heel bruises cause my bindings sucked, some other small stuff. <BR> <BR>The thing that pisses me off the most is when you mess up and get violated by the water cause you landed on your ass.

09-03-2001 9:23 PM

lets see here, well last summer i got a really bad concusion that caused me to be in the hospital for about a week, which caused a blood clot behind my eye so then i had brain surgery, and this summer i tore my ACL, PCL, Moniscus, and cracked my knee cap, so after i get through my month of knee therapy i get reconstructive knee surgery!!!! hahaha my parents are ready to saw my board in half cause i am costing them an arm and a leg!! but its all good and i have fun even though i look forward to being hospitalized next summer

09-05-2001 1:23 PM

hey y'all, i finally invested in some new bindings. i got some of the new belmonts. they totally rule!!!

09-16-2001 10:20 PM

180 blindside caught the rail and blacked out once. oh and you just have to love the sinuse cleansing that you can get from a water exploding through your eyes after a good face plant too

tibia 09-23-2001 8:35 PM

On July 3rd I broke my right foot and on July 22nd I broke my left leg (tibia). Had a rough summer. Been back boarding now for about a month and my leg still hurts like hell. Luckily I can take it slow cause I can ride year round here in Orlando. <BR> <BR>Gary

10-04-2001 7:43 AM

Just out doing regular heelside jumps and got way out of whack. Ended up spinning backwards and landed with my right leg straight and the board at a nice 45 degree angle to the water. Jammed my hip and tore allthe muscles in the hip joint. Lost a month of riding, but have been back otu twice since with little pain. Can't do what I was doing because I can't twist much on the hip. I did start back with the karate and that has helped get my mobility back sooner I think.

01-05-2002 8:04 AM

Only relatively serious injury to happen to me was when I was doing a dockstart. My dog barks like hell whenever someone goes out behind the boat, and I guess he tried to pull me back. Took a nice chunk outta my thigh. Thought it was just a scratch tho so I kept riding. I fell and got up and took a look and I had a nice whole there. Had a few stitches to sew it up.

my first time wakeboarding 01-07-2002 5:04 PM

I have been relitivly injury free. apart from a dislocated thumb about a year ago. (my first time wakeboarding). About 2 days ago my mate went for a huge tantrum to blind and his foot slipped out of his binding, and he got all tangled up and ended up tearing some ligiments in his knee.

01-07-2002 8:59 PM

i have just ripped my eardrum away from the ear canal and itis floating around in my ear. i need an operation to graft it back in the right spot. Has this ever happened to any of you or have you heard of it happening.

01-09-2002 3:53 PM

I was doing a back roll, came down, caught my toe edge, did a face plant. The board momentum carried it up over my backpast my head. I was skipping along on my stomach. I compressed some joints in my spine and have had a bad sprain since early September. I still feel like <FONT COLOR="ff0000">••••</FONT>. That was my last run of the year. I managed to wind myself and bag myself on that same wipe out as well.

01-10-2002 5:45 AM

Dislocated hip, two broken ribs, ruptured blood vessels in left wrist, couple concussions, sprains, and a partridge in a pair tree.

01-11-2002 5:16 AM

Nothing major that kept me off the water for any period of time,mostly <BR>bruises,sprains,strains,pulls,headaches , or over worked muscles. <BR> <BR>I think ankles,shoulders,and knees seem to take the worse abuse. <BR> <BR>Bill

01-11-2002 8:01 AM

sprain ankle on wake to wake 180.....many faceplants.....and on a 360 somehow I bent my back towards my butt in a U shape....that hurt for about an hour....then I was OK....bodies are meant to bend like that without warning....

01-14-2002 3:16 PM

I went wakeboarding with this old heap of crap with sandel bindings, i dunno how but my feet came out and I landed on the board headfirst, taking a chunk outta the board, i needed 18 stitches in my head after that. <BR> <BR>No permanant effects, i don't think.

M (magic) on Thursday, M 03-07-2002 9:44 PM

Pop an ear-drum <BR>Torn Achilles Tendon <BR>Brusied Kidneys <BR>Briefly unconsious <BR>Pop'd a rib <BR>theres more, but my memory ain't so good after so many falls... <IMG SRC="http://wakeworld.com/discus/clipart/happy.gif" ALT=":)"> <BR> <BR> <BR>Can't wait to ride again!

rutz (timmy) on Friday, 03-08-2002 6:52 PM

pulled an ab two separate seasons, from hanging on the rope too long <BR> <BR>took a chunk out of the board with my shin and vice versa back in the days of sandals <BR> <BR>sprained groin and hip flexors landing ackwardly on the wake at the end of a big ol tantrum <BR> <BR>chipped bone in my wrist from hitting it on the water funny <BR> <BR>sprained ankle from foot coming out of binding <BR> <BR>never let any of these minor injuries stop me from riding. pain tolerance is awful high due to the variety of painful falls. also i have a long offseason to heal <IMG SRC="http://wakeworld.com/discus/clipart/happy.gif" ALT=":)">

Neal (aneal000) on Tuesd 03-12-2002 12:27 PM

-Problem, Cause <BR> <BR>-tore cartlidge off rib, elbow to rib learning backrolls <BR>-shoulders pop when I lift my arms, hanging on to long after "he's down" <BR>-ankle sprain, 180 to blind to catch an edge-this took forever to heal, still not for sure it is OK <BR>-ankle pops whenever I walk, see above <BR>-knees hurt before storms, general riding <BR>-heel bruise, hard landings, old bindings <BR>-lower back pain, whirly bird to faceplant <BR>-muscle fatigue so bad I would curl up in a ball on the living room floor and scream until the Advil kicked in, riding every day and not resting screwed up muscles-wife really hated that one! <BR> <BR>My buddies and I get warmed up for riding by beating each other with wiffle-ball bats! <BR> <BR>AAAHHH to be on the water right now! <BR><IMG SRC="http://wakeworld.com/discus/clipart/happy.gif" ALT=":)"> <BR>Tony

03-30-2002 11:57 PM

Hairline fractured spine- back brace for six months <BR>ouch

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