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lukem 07-27-2003 8:17 AM

i had been trying to do this for about a week now, i could get sooo close but i would always go off the front of the board. i finally landed it yesterday off a big roller. it was so sick.

windnwake 07-27-2003 8:55 PM

Cool, it only took me a week since i started wakeskating to learn it. I first learned how to do them on the surface at slow speeds. then u just go faster and do it off a roller.

awlang 07-28-2003 9:29 AM

Do you guys do the surface ones with fins? I am having a heck of a time doing ollies, so I am trying to do the surface ones.

lukem 07-30-2003 7:08 PM

yea i use fins. i landed one last night again. it is such a great feelin. i am getting a feel for it now.

xtremebordgurl 08-27-2003 8:43 AM

Any tips? I'm trying surface shuv its and am having a hard ime getting the board arround, and when I do get the board arround I'm landing too far forward on the board and getting thrown forward. I rodered SNAP a week ago and its supposed to come in tommarow but any tips in the meantime?

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