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regular foot 07-22-2001 4:41 PM

okay...i've been trying to do a raley lately, but i bail. i usually tuck my head and let go of the rope. this means i edge in(regular foot) left foot forward, my feet go behind me and i flip over and hit on the board goofy without the rope. now what my question is what the hell did i land today? same cut as a raley attempt, but i held on to the rope. my feet went up behind me, over my head. as my feet went up behind me, my left foot leading, began to rotate around until i rotated a full 360 degrees while i was stretched out and i landed regular. i landed this 3 times on my last run. it can't be an s-bend because i can't even do a freakin raley. ya'll have been very helpful in the past...so name that trick. what am i doing. please respond soon because i'm going again tomorrow.

07-22-2001 4:46 PM

sounds like an sbend to me.I think it is possible to unintentially land a harder version of a trick you cannot land as well as keep landing it do to practice and it just feels right.I can land scarecrows all the time but havnt landed a TS front yet and a crow ,as you know,is a TS front to revert.I know guys who can land TS back to reverts and not a TS backroll because it felt more natural to go revert..anyway you get my point and if i am reading it right then you are throwing and Sbend..later <BR> <BR>Bill

I think dear old mom tossed it thinking it was trash 07-22-2001 5:54 PM

Man you still trying that? lol I went out today with some friends and tried one. Still flippin over into a front flip. Dont know how I ever landed those first couple but havent even come close since. As pertaining to the trick name, if you are rotating a full 360 while "attempting" to do a raley it is an S bend. Keep on throwing it cause they look cool as hell lol! First thing you need to do is load up the boat and come down here and show me how to do it. Then maybe we can figure out why we arent landing the basic trick in the first damn place, lol. Call when you get a chance I will be moving into the college on the 15th of August so I'd like to hook up and ride when I get over there. I cant find your number(I think dear old mom tossed it thinking it was trash) so give me a ring. Sorry I missed it today, I was testing out the new TS Front and Back rolls they are sweet! Keep it rollin. <BR> <BR>Robby Rentfrow

07-22-2001 8:43 PM

I think its called a vulcan.

07-22-2001 9:01 PM

nope. it's not a vulcan. that would be an s-bend to fakie. i'm starting left foot forward and landing left foot forward. i'm just not sure if the direction in which i'm rotating makes a difference? i'm rotating to the right with my left foot leading after my feet go back. does that help any?

07-22-2001 10:54 PM

Joseph, if you ride reg. and your left foot is leading. Sounds like your spinning front side wich would be dropping your right shoulder &amp; lifting your left. This would be the opposite of a s-bend. Maybe reverse s-bend? On a s-bend you spin back side by dropping your left shoulder &amp; lifting your right.S-bend would be the same rotation as a 911 with your back to the shore in wich your traveling towards. S-bend is a back side 360 rotation &amp; 911 is a back side 180 rotation. Sounds like your star gazing your raleys wich is when the front part of your body opens to the shore in wich your traveling towards. Then your completing your rotation and landing reg. That's PHAT! If it feels natural, GO FOR IT! Try to keep your head up and look at the tower till you feel it comming down then spot your landing. This should help you stay level on your raleys. Hope this helps you out. Good luck! <BR> <BR>Peace, k-dawg

07-23-2001 6:53 AM

kevin, the rotation you described is exactly what is happening. like i said, i landed it 3 times...so does this have a name or can i name it what ever i want?

07-23-2001 2:48 PM

if the way kevin has described it is correct than it would probably just be classified as a laid out backroll.

07-23-2001 6:57 PM

we video taped the trick today and it is basically just a layed out backroll but it feels a lot smoother than the normal roll. oh well thanks anyway.

07-23-2001 8:50 PM

It's still full of style Joseph!! Keep throwing it!! I lay out my roll2reverts like that. Try letting go with your left hand near the end of your rotation. Sweet, big, laid out roll2revert!! You got that! No doubt! <BR> <BR>Good luck <BR>Peace, k-dawg

07-24-2001 3:26 PM

Hey Joseph <BR> <BR>Give me a holler I need your PH# cant find it anywhere peace dude. <BR> <BR>PS Cant wait to see the laid out roll. Ill show you how to do my version of it when I get down there lol. C-ya <BR> <BR>Robby

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