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07-22-2001 9:00 AM

Everytime I try I crow I seem to land so far back on my heels that I fall on my butt. Is there anything special I need to do what you guys can think of?

08-08-2001 8:23 AM

If you're getting around and landing on your heels then it sounds to me like your over rotating. I've done that before on tantrums. I would still charge at the wake the same way only pop more, with the same sort of abruptness as on a tantrum. Think about going up and just floating it, not whipping it around. It should end up that you land on your toeside edge then. Hope that helps.

08-08-2001 11:19 AM

Land on my toeside edge on a scarecrow? How would I do that? <BR> <BR>I have seen 2 different camps on the pop. One camp says to edge THRU the wake, the other says to let off your edge. <BR> <BR>Which is the easiest?

I have seen 2 different camps on the pop. One camp says to edge THRU the wake, the other says to let 08-08-2001 12:52 PM

(I have seen 2 different camps on the pop. One camp says to edge THRU the wake, the other says to let off your edge.) <BR> <BR>I would say that depends on what your style is, and how you normally ride. If your style seems more flow and fluid, I would edge thru the wake. If, on the other hand you have more of an aggressive, charge style, then I would let off edge to get more pop. <BR> <BR> <BR>And if you think about it, landing on your heelside edge on a scarecrow would just cause you to learn backwards and fall or come close to it. <BR> <BR>Like on a toeside front roll. You want to land on your toeside edge as well.

08-08-2001 7:02 PM

No wayHybrid dont confuse the kid ,when you land a Crow its a heelside edge landing for sure,a front roll is a ts edge landing because your landing the way you took off but a Crow is a 180 and on a 180 you land opposite the way you started so your switch and on your heels.If you are holding the rope then you wont fall backwards you will have the boat pulling you on your edge away from the boat.If you land TS on the crow you will have a lot of slack and probrably a headache from the face plant. <BR> <BR>Now Mike the reason you are landing on your butt can be either your taking off with too much weight on your backfoot or your throwing the trick to hard too early.So put more weight on your front foot and wait a bit longer to throw the trick .also stand really tall at the wake instead of bent over at the waist like a lot of us do preparing for the front rotation,take it up then over ..hope this helps..later <BR> <BR> <BR>Bill

08-08-2001 8:13 PM

Bill, I am probably not putting enough weight on my back foot. I come in with equal weight on each foot. Should I have more on my front foot?

08-08-2001 8:45 PM

well im not sure since i havnt seen you ride but the general rule is you land the same way you leave the wake so if your landing heavy on your back foot then your either leaning over too much before you pop or your heavy on your back foot.I would try standing taller and throwing it later before i mess with weight on my foot.Then if it doesnt help try to put a bit more pressure late on your front foot just before you pop..later

08-11-2001 2:18 PM

Bill, here is one of my scarecrow attempts... <BR> <BR><A HREF="http://www.scsinc.com/videos/scarecrow2.avi" TARGET="_top">http://www.scsinc.com/videos/scarecrow2.avi</A>

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