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brentlf 07-21-2003 8:03 PM

well i went out wakeskating for the first time in a while <had> and i get out and dont land anything my fist run, i mean anything, not even butterslides. so i took a breack went back out stuck a pop shuvit and some various wake slides but i still couldnt land anything off the wake. just busted alot. so on the thrid run i get out boom go wake to wake indy bam pop shove it, and then i starte doing a front side butterslide with both hands behind my back and it slips out from under me and i go a frontroll. well next thing you know im holding a hand full of blood, <BR>and everyone on the boat is freaking out. when i flipped over the only thing that broke my fall was my skate and i busted a 2 and a 1/2 inch gach in my head. had to get 7 staples and now im off the water for 10 days.... i hate wakeskating.... for now, ill show yall a pic of the wound, later

wakeguru 07-22-2003 7:05 AM

It's a love-hate relationship. <BR>You get out there after not riding for a while and you have to get the feel back. That sucks you busted you head open. <BR>If it makes you feel any better my brother comes to a friends wedding last Saturday with this chick; she's a good looking girl, very fit and sporting about 8 fresh stiches right between the eyes. <BR>So we had to ask - "wakeskating" she said nonchalantly. <BR>

shaggydan22 07-23-2003 3:37 AM

this spring i had 5 stitches from wakeboarding, and i still rode everyday after i got them. they should be fine as long as you keep plenty of ointment on them.

brentlf 07-23-2003 1:28 PM

yeah im building a new skate right now,cause im not allowed in the water for 7 more days, but when i heal i think ill be out there first day wakeskating again, cept i think i might invest in a helmet first...

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