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CNote 07-21-2003 12:38 AM

Threw it down TWICE today. I have bee working on it the past 4-5 times out, and finally did it. There are still some issues when landing and passing the handle, as it is very easy to lean back on your heels in that position and slide out on you a$$. But overall, its a COOL feeling trick. Just jump, get the grab, and hooold it while you stall it out and spin it slow. Then, land wrapped, and as soon as you land, just let the handle fall into your new lead hand. Now if I can only get UPSIDE DOWN!!!! NO inverts here yet, thats the next horizon, and where every bit of my fear lies. WISH ME LUCK!!!!

07-21-2003 1:19 AM

good luck<img src="http://www.wakeworld.com/MB/Discus/clipart/proud.gif" border=0>

07-22-2003 1:32 PM

i have been landing on my heels the past 3 times out. is it hard landing wrapped?

CNote 07-22-2003 1:56 PM

It was hard for me to land wrapped and try to ride it off. When I tried it, I would drop the handle everytime the rope tightened up upon landing. This was just out of the feeling that I was about to get snatched on my back. The way that I got around it was to actually land wrapped, and as soon as you hit the water, just grab the handle with your front hand. Just be sure to keep edging away from the wake, because if you do that, when the rope tightens you will slide out on your backside.

deepstructure 07-23-2003 8:46 PM

very cool chris (now there's 3 of this in this thread!). i'm just about to start working on the bs 180s. they seem really difficult, im just starting with ollie bs 180s and im having trouble with those. and yet i can do tantrums and backrolls, so you're doing great! im sure you'll get the inverts quickly. congrats!

07-24-2003 4:07 PM

well i tried doing ollie bs 180;s for awhile ang i could get them somewhat, but i could never ollie big enough to get the whole spin done in the air. SO i took it off the wake. But i board behind a small 17ft fiberglass moat with an OB so the wake isn't huge, and airtime is very limited. And latley i have been going off axis because i try to start the spin to fsat.

drewsmug 07-27-2003 4:40 PM

i can do bs ollie 180's fine. i'm going to try it over the wake tomorrow. is there anything different to it or should i just approach the move like i do when i do it ollie style

07-27-2003 10:25 PM

Andrew, Depending on the way you them ollie style, it coud feel like a completely different trick. I learned the ollie 180's first, then learned them off the wake. after learning off of the wake, I lost the ollie 180. <BR>Wake style-pop like a w2w, then look and pull. <BR>ollie style(for me anyway)- start looking around, ollie twist and pull.

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