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mac9 07-20-2003 9:13 PM

I've been seriously looking into starting wakeskating. Could someone please explain to me the difference between concave vs. flat and grip tape vs. foam? Also, I don't skateboard, I wakeboard and snowboard, so would that make a difference? Thanks.

forum25 07-21-2003 6:06 PM

i just started wakeskating about 3 weeks ago and i thought i might as well go all out...so i bought a cassette concave deck. I love my concave...the kick tail on it does wonders....my friend has a flat deck and said now that he has ridden mine he wants to buy a concave..it helped him ollie higher and shuvits a lil easier. I also snowboard and wakeboard but i am a lil more of a snowboard bum then anythign and yea it helps a lil...mostly for balance and stuff! <BR> <BR>I hope that helps ya out a lil?

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