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07-20-2003 4:01 PM

I have tried a backroll probably 50 times and everytime I under rotate and end up digging the nose of the board in the water (yes some of these hurt like hell). <BR> <BR>I paid 300.00 bucks for an instructor to help me out and he couldnt tell me what I was doing wrong, he sucked. <BR> <BR>My question is this, do I really HUCK this flip? I usually just pop and kinda snap my head and shoulders to my back foot. Should I be HUCKing it like a flip on the tramp? I can front and back flip on the tramp with no problem but do I need to THROW this flip like a flip on the tramp? <BR> <BR> <BR>Thanks.

07-21-2003 9:45 AM

For a backroll, all the instructions say that the head and shoulders should look and turn toward the front foot. I have tried the backroll about 5 times. The first time, I almost made it, but, I looked over the back foot and did not see the water coming. Had a major bad landing. After that I was gun-shy. <BR> <BR># 2 $300.00 You got ripped off. <BR> <BR>We had a lesson - 3 sets with Brian Sasser out of Dallas and Edmond OK. $100.00 per man. He is a great teacher, we had alot of fun, and learned a bunch.

obrienride16 07-27-2003 4:23 PM

keeping the handle in tighter will make you rotate much faster. if you have video that would help. also, i will come out and help you for $300 if you want.

07-27-2003 9:17 PM

Maybe concentrate on your cut first? <BR>Also, You said nothing about your front foot. Look up and over your front shoulder, and push your front foot that way as well. <BR>

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