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wakecumberland 01-04-2010 1:02 PM

So an much as I would like to go the TDI Touareg route, we have decided we would like to have the flexibility of seating 6-7 adults. The wife wants a plush interior so I've settled on the Denali. Any input from those of you who pull with the new 6.2 V8. Any issues with this powertrain I should know about before I drop $30k?

michridr69 01-04-2010 1:18 PM

g/f has one and it pulls solid, you shouldnt have any problems, plus they look and ride great! <IMG SRC="http://www.wakeworld.com/MB/Discus/clipart/happy.gif" ALT=":-)" BORDER=0> she has 22k trouble free

kmcginty 01-04-2010 1:47 PM

I havent pulled yet, but I have a siera denali with the 6.2. I love it, but the MPG's are what you would expect. Also, this might be a good place to check.... <BR> <BR><a href="http://www.denalitrucks.com/forum/index.php" target="_blank">http://www.denalitrucks.com/forum/index.php</a>

rhombus 01-04-2010 2:55 PM

we have a 2007 Denali (short wheel base) and i use it to tow our VLX accross Washington State (over the cascade mtn range) multiple times a year. it is a great rig for towing because it has the 6.2l w/the 6speed and autoride. we usually have both kids, all the gear and the boat, and can do the trip withouth thinking twice about what i am pulling. I do find that i use about 40% more gas though. <BR>besides towing, my 2 recommendations are: <BR>1) get the darker interior. we have the lighter interior and it gets dirty quick <BR>2) if you can find one with a bench in the middle instead of the std captians chairs, go for it. we have the captians chairs, and if we have more than the family (my wife/i/2 kids), then we run into problems because the third row is not comfortable, and there is NO room behind it for anything besides a couple of grocery bags.

dru1974 01-04-2010 3:08 PM

Funny my wife and i went to Calgary this weekend to scout out our new truck choices.we drove two newNissan armada's and a new tahoe. we both instantly looked at eachother and said we liked the armada far more. It felt more solid,and had nicer features.they were equiped equaly nav, dvd and all that but i tell ya.....atleast take an armada for a drive sweet rides.

joe_crawley 01-04-2010 6:25 PM

07 tahoe, 75k trouble free, pulls great, drives great, terrible mpg (14 average). <BR> <BR>I like the Touareg as function goes, but I could never get past the styling. I didn't care much for the interior of the Armada, but it drove nicely. <BR> <BR>edit: I have the 5.3 <BR> <BR>edit 2:"flexibility of seating 6-7 adults" You are kidding yourself if you think you can seat 6-7 adults in a yukon. 5 tops. Maybe 6-7 if 2 are under 4'6", but I'm not joking, even one adult in the 3rd row is not an option if the trip is more than a couple of minutes. <BR> <BR>(Message edited by joe_crawley on January 04, 2010)

tommyg 01-05-2010 5:26 AM

We have an '07 Denali XL. Only downside is that it's not really geared for towing, more for gas mileage (which still sucks). but the 6.2 still has more than enough power to pull without any issues. We've loaded ours up and pulled our SAN up to Tahoe (elevation) without any issues. Self-levelling suspension is nice too if you haven't had it previously. The extra storage of the XL is really nice, and I personally think that it looks more proportionate as well. <BR> <BR>We also looked at the Armada; in the end the funky exterior roofline and interior quality (ATM machine-looking center stack) didn't do it for us...but I must say that the second row legroom on the Armada is very impressive.

tommyg 01-05-2010 5:31 AM

and to follow up on Jasen's comments: <BR> <BR>-we specifically bought the bench (and dark interior), and are very happy with both <BR> <BR>-another reason to consider the XL is that you still have plenty of room, even with the back row set-up. We're headed to the airport this Saturday with 6 of us. We'll have both back rows full, and have always still been able to load up the luggage (enough for all 6 of us for a week) without any issues.

sailing216 01-05-2010 5:40 AM

Denali XL with black interior will be our next ride mainly for the room behind the 3rd row. We towed through the mountains with a Sierra and 5.3L and wasn't enough. <BR> <BR>We too didn't like the interior of the Armada, but if I could find one on the cheap it'll still be in the running. <BR> <BR>We also looked at the Audi Q7 but loaded up with auto-ride was expensive. The Ford stretched expedition would be great if the exterior styling wasn't so puke. Still will take a look at the Benz GL when we really are ready to pull the trigger.

ericlee 01-05-2010 6:18 AM

I had an 07 Denali and loved it...just couldnt afford it lol I had the short version not the xl and everyone is right. not much room behind the 3rd seat. It tows like a dream in my opinion. I have a 23lsv and you cant even feel the boat behind you. I had the black interior and it kept very clean. If you can find one for 30k with low mileage jump on it. They are going for mid 30's here still

02wakesettervlx 01-05-2010 11:04 AM

I tow my X Star with an Escalade ESV, and it tows great. Never an issue, ride quality is great. Pull the trigger.

megsswm 01-05-2010 12:06 PM

02 denali 6 liter with over 150k and never had an issue towing the boat or other trailers. love it....second dark interior...we have the light beige and it is starting to really wear and stain.

wakecumberland 01-06-2010 8:51 AM

Thanks for all the input! We have discussed the XL and although she has agreed to look at it for utility purposes, in the end I dont think that will trump the looks! Oh well you know what they say, "if mama ain't happy...."

hunter660 01-08-2010 1:30 PM

Do all the Denali's have the 6-speed transmission? I have an '07 Silverado with the 4L65E. Had I known that the '08 trucks (and that the truck market was about to collapse) I would have waited for one. Having said that, I have never towed with the 6-speed, but it has to be better than the one in my truck.

rhombus 01-08-2010 2:19 PM

i know that all 07+ Yukons (ONLY Denali trim) and Escalades have the 6 speed. i believe (but could be wrong) that they started introducing the 6 speed into the Tahoe LTZ last year

sailing216 01-09-2010 9:42 AM

You are correct. The burb/tahoe LTZ now have the 6-speed. It was really the only change to the truck for the new model year. <BR> <BR>With the truck market imploding it's hard to buy a new 09+ for the newer tranny. <BR> <BR>I like the burb better than GMC, but still only saw an 10' on the lot with upgraded engine was the old 6.0 ---why they don't have the 6.2 or diesel as an option pisses me off. Then again I'm not going to buy new as the truck is just for trips and towing.

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