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dudeman 01-02-2010 7:58 AM

Drivers vent and lower vent in walkthru work on low but not the upper vent. Nothing works when high is selected. All tubes are connected. Anyone ever experience something like this? Worked fine last year. Boat is always stored indoors. Thanks.

dudeman 01-18-2010 5:54 PM

So does this make sense? Pulled the switch panel and found a wire pulled from the high side of the heater switch. Fixed that and the high side worked fine but as soon as I turned it on, it blew water thru the vents. Okay, coil is obviously cracked. Pull the heater tubes off of the heater and water comes out, naturally because the coil is cracked. Pull the heater, the coil and take it to a radiator shop and no leaks. Watched 2 different guys check it. Hose blow by? Nothing on the floor. Called the service manager where I bought the boat and he's stumped. Anybody?

bill_airjunky 01-18-2010 5:56 PM

Where is the core mounted? Any chance it got doused by rain or someone subbing the bow?

99_slaunch 01-18-2010 6:04 PM


dudeman 01-19-2010 3:30 AM

Core's mounted under the dash up off the floor. Boats stored inside and bow cover stays on in the winter. Bow would have to be buried to get water in the vent hoses even if the cover was off. Have to go with gremlins. Really strange.

baitkiller 01-19-2010 6:35 AM

Sure it was water? Could have been rat or squirrel piss. They love duct work.

thesack 01-19-2010 10:03 AM

How much water blew out of the vents and did it come out of all the vents? Depending on the amount, it could have just been condensation build up in the vents and not enough force with the heater on low to blow it out.

dudeman 01-19-2010 10:10 AM

There was a pretty good amount that came out of the lower tube when I disconnected it, a lot more than moisture. Strange thing is no water was blowing out of the lower tube in the walkthru, only the upper tube. Really strange, makes no sense at all. Water should have blown thru the lower tube or for that matter leaking from the box onto the floor.

thesack 01-19-2010 10:25 AM

That is strange. When you fixed the disconnected wire off the high side of the heater switch, did the low side of the upper walk thru vent work then? <BR> <BR>Also might call Skiers Choice and talk to them. They might have experienced something like this before.

dudeman 01-19-2010 10:42 AM

When we were out New Years Day, nothing would blow thru the upper vent on low but when I tried it in the garage, it worked. Everything worked when I fixed the high side. I've worked on and overhauled everything from boats to cars to helicopters to private jets for over 30 years, so I'm pretty mechanically inclined. Just stumped on this. <BR> <BR>(Message edited by dudeman on January 19, 2010)

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