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espritv8 12-31-2009 5:21 PM

HI, <BR> <BR>I have an 2003 escalade rated a 7800lbs for towing with 80K miles on it. I want to tow for a distance of 1300 Miles, from Folrida to Vermont. Just wonder if my truck will do the trip according to your experiences. <BR> <BR>the boat is 3000lbs plus twin axle trailer. <BR> <BR>thanks

lifetimewarranty 12-31-2009 6:05 PM

Seriously??? <BR> <BR>Come on, man. Yes it will be fine.

jonyb 12-31-2009 6:22 PM

It'll be fine. I tow my 6,000# boat and trailer a lot with an 05 Denali. It has the same power package, the 375hp 6.0L AWD.

jetskiprosx 12-31-2009 6:22 PM

Escalade has the 6.0 so you are more then fine. Heck you would be fine even if it had the 4.7

jeff359 12-31-2009 7:13 PM

Hook up and forget about it. Any fullsive SUV or truck with a v8 will do fine. Heck, a 2003 has the 6.0, maybe a 5.3(?) either would do fine. The chassis is capable of towing 5k with ALOT of confidence.

trdon 12-31-2009 8:19 PM

This isnt serious is it?

rallyart 12-31-2009 9:19 PM

He's just new on here and trying to avoid making mistakes so it's an OK question. <BR>A tandem trailer is about 1100# and you should add at least 500# for fuel in the boat and gear. Add that to the boat weight and you've got the towing weight. The AWD lets it tow really easily.

espritv8 12-31-2009 9:26 PM

Thanks for the input. <BR>I know i'm okay to tow... that's not the point. Many people told me not to tow for long distances, so that's why i am asking. I will be driving for 16-20 hrs in 2 days. I'm im concerned about the real capacity of such a truck to do this.

rallyart 12-31-2009 9:33 PM

Just watch the temperatures and check oil and transmission fluid at each stop. It won't be a problem unless you don't have the boat winterized before you tow it North. You'll get tired before the truck does.

nubb 12-31-2009 10:25 PM

Get you a cushioned ball mount as well. It will make the ride more comfortable.

jeff359 01-01-2010 12:11 AM

I'm im concerned about the real capacity of such a truck to do this." <BR> <BR>Don't be. It's as capable as any half ton out there. Hook it. <BR> <BR>"Real" capacity is right where the manufacture rates it on a quality trailer

mhunter 01-01-2010 6:00 AM

Make sure you have a separate trans cooler. A trans temp gauge is also a plus.

wakesetter101 01-01-2010 7:43 AM

Dont worry about the truck, just service the trailer. Carry a spare tire and a new wheel bearing set.

sinkoumn 01-01-2010 8:39 AM

It won't work...don't do it.

antoddio 01-01-2010 9:59 AM

Why are you moving it? Depending on what you are doing, it might be better to get it shipped.

bwake 01-04-2010 2:58 AM

You guys are nuts. Down here in NZ/Australia we will tow a boat like a Sanger v210 or a Wakesetter with a 2.8 133 kw turbo diesel and not think twice.

trdon 01-04-2010 7:35 AM

I could see this being a legit question to someone who doesnt know better than to listen to people on this forum say that you need to have a diesel of Kenworth proportions to tow an alumacraft. I have read a lot of posts on her in the last few years that people make it sound unsafe to tow with anything other than at least a 3/4 ton diesel and I never got why. I tow 5000lbs with a boat and trailer and on multiple occasions with a 5500lb car trailer and car long distances and I have a 03 Toyota tundra rated at 7100 lbs and I have yet to have a single issue doing so.

mark197 01-04-2010 8:15 AM

I have a 04 Tahoe with the 5.3 in it and just towed from TN to WI 750 miles with no problems. Truck handled like a dream all the way up to 80mph. Like everyone else said you will get tired before it will. <BR> <BR>That was with a tandem trailer and a 02 Mobius LSV.

wakemikey 01-04-2010 9:07 AM

... <BR> <BR>(Message edited by wakemikey on January 04, 2010)

grant_west 01-04-2010 11:39 AM

TRDon: Im with you. The hard core diesel nazis seem to have gone underground. I guess the last time diesel prices spiked it killed off the many flat billed chest pounders touting the bennifits of a Lifted 1 ton diesel with Super Swamper tires. Like what Byron is saying many people tow fine with a small truck or car. I do agree if you want to have a race up a steep hill a diesel is a great choice. But to answer John's question yea you will do fine with that tow rig

justsan 01-04-2010 12:18 PM

If you are going to tow that long, you should probably consider checking on your trailer wheel bearings and racers. <BR>The bearing should be replaced every year (not just repacked and replaced, imo).

espritv8 01-04-2010 1:55 PM

Thanks for the advice. Like i said, i'm not concerned about towing it to the lake or for only a couple hours. The drive is 16-20 hour long, there will be hills to climb and don't want to get stranded 2000 miles from home with people telling me it was a stupid idea to tow a boat for that long. Anyways, from what i can read here, the big issue seems to be the trailer, not the truck. Good thing I asked,<img src="http://www.wakeworld.com/MB/Discus/clipart/biggrin.gif" border=0> now I know what to watch for. <BR> <BR>Justin I've sent you a PM.

bwake 01-09-2010 1:35 AM

I tow my V210 loaded with gear and 4 people reasonable distaces behind a Mitsubishi Challenger (<a href="http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mitsubishi_Challenger" target="_blank">http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mitsubishi_Challenger</a>) and while it does slow a reasonable amount up hills, on an hour long drive, it takes perhaps 10 minutes longer with the boat. New Zealand is typically pretty hilly also. <BR> <BR>Ive got brakes on the trailer that work fine and if you dont drive like an idiot and leave the braking to the last minute it will drive fine and not push you around. <BR> <BR>I think realistically if you think you need a 6.0 litre diesel turbo to tow a boat, there is something wrong. <BR> <BR>Something a little more powerfull than the Challenger would be nice, but a 3.0 Diesel Turbo is more than enough in my experience to tow a wake boat and do it well. Ie (i know you cant get these in the US, but <a href="http://www.toyota.co.nz/NewVehicles/Models/Commercial/Hilux+4WD/SR5+TDi+4+Door+Double+Cab/3.0L/Auto/Overview/" target="_blank">http://www.toyota.co.nz/NewVehicles/Models/Commercial/Hilux+4WD/SR5+TDi+4+Door+Double+Cab/3.0L/Auto/Overview/</a>) <BR> <BR>Throw a transmission cooler on, and make sure its got regular fluid changes and i cant see why there would be any issues. Down here we regularly tow 2.5 tonne boats behind these up hills with no issue. <BR> <BR>Just another opinion, that doesnt involve buying a 6.0 diesel, although a Touareg V10 would be my pick if money wasnt an object. <BR> <BR>Cheers <BR>Byron

lifetimewarranty 01-09-2010 8:04 AM

That is well put, Byron. We are pretty hung up on "size" here in the states. <BR> <BR>Real world time loss from a 700lb ft diesel to a 350lb ft on the average trip is going to be very minor. <BR> <BR>BTW - I dig that Hilux. I like the one they built up on Top Gear

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