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lone_star 12-29-2009 2:57 PM

I'm looking for a boat cover for a 2007 Sanger 230V. Does any one have any ideas where to look?

ceres1312 01-01-2010 2:45 PM

Do you want custom or just a standard cover? Just remember most standard covers don't allow you to tow with them on. Towing with a cover on will allow you to clean/wipe down the boat and cover it avoiding bugs and dirt from the trip home. When you go out the next time with the boat it will be all shiny when you put it in again. We had our cover for our 06 V-210 custom made at <a href="http://www.topsidemarine.com" target="_blank">www.topsidemarine.com</a> not sure where you are located but you can call them and they can probably have it shipped to you directly.

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