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ripr 12-29-2009 1:25 PM

So, my company car is an '06 Jeep Cherokee 4x4 with the 3.7L V6. Obviously, not the most ideal tow vehicle for a 4000lb boat/trailer. <BR> <BR>But, I stopped by the Hitch joint and they said they would put a Class III on it. Vehicle tow capacity is 3500lbs. <BR> <BR>I don't tow my boat much anymore as it stays on a lift on my lake. But, overworking a free car sounds much better than underworking an SUV or truck that I have to pay for, ya know? <BR> <BR>I'm just wondering if anyone has experience towing with a similar vehcile or motor set up?

h2ohangtime 12-29-2009 1:31 PM

The question is probably not if you can tow it, but can you STOP it? I'd check to make sure you have some good-size brakes. We have a 1999 4Runner with a 3.4L in it and I'm getting it ready to sell because I don't trust the brakes in it (of course, we're going to tow hills and I'd much rather have a V8). My .02.

onthewatermo 12-29-2009 1:43 PM

I have a Jeep Liberty Renegade with the 3.7L V6 and Class III hitch and have towed smaller boats hundreds of miles with it (15' trihull outboard, 21' Bayliner) no problem but never a bigger wake specific boat or double axle trailer (although the owners manual says up to 5000 lbs gross trailer weight/750 tongue weight and maximum trailer length 25 feet).

big_b_21v 12-29-2009 1:54 PM

NAW, I also have a 2009 Jeep Liberty for work purposes. I am on my second one (the last one was a 2006). <BR>I have a 2005 Tahoe that kills me every month to make the payment because it sits in the driveway except for pulling the boat to and from the river. <BR>I wouldnt even think about trying to pull my boat with that Liberty without some serious brake and rear suspension upgrades. <BR>Towing in a straight line, may work for short and level distances, but I would be more worried about the weight difference. The boat may end up towing the Jeep. <BR>The 2009 has a little longer wheel base than the previous body style but I still wouldnt risk it. <BR>My .02

denverd1 12-29-2009 1:57 PM

For every weekend towing or vacation/long distance towing, its not going to cut it. <BR> <BR>If you're putting the boat in the water in spring, pulling it out in winter and keeping it on the lift over summer, I'd be all over it!!

ripr 12-29-2009 2:13 PM

I guess I forgot to mention that the boat ramp is 1.5 miles from my driveway and the max speed limit is 20 on a private road. I'm in Indiana, so hills are a non issue. <BR> <BR>I pull it out about once every two or 3 weeks for a good scrub... <BR> <BR>Worst case scenario is a trip to the dealership, but I haven't had a need for that yet.

denverd1 12-29-2009 2:21 PM

I'm thinking free tow vehicle. You may ask the shop about hitch levelers or stabilizers, but for the amount of hauling you're doing, I'd use the the Jeep. <BR> <BR>I'm sure you have friends with bigger trucks in the event you need to go any distance -- they're usually thrilled they get to hitch up and actually pull something.

jon4pres 12-29-2009 2:23 PM

My 2 cents. <BR> <BR>It will pull 1.5 miles at 20mph just as good as an f250. You could get yourself in trouble in traffic at high speeds going to the dealership but if it pulled your boat around the neighborhood ok I probably would not be scared of trying it. Just be careful.

bill_airjunky 12-29-2009 2:48 PM

I had an 07 Dodge Nitro with the same engine in it. We towed the Vride with it a few times. It worked, and stopped thanks to the trailer brakes. But it wasn't very quick about it. Even got up to freeway speeds. But it slowed down quick on the hills. And frankly it did fine going downhill. But I never got a warm fuzzy about it. <BR> <BR>For your own arrangement, I think it'll do fine if your trailer has brakes on it.

murphy_smith 12-29-2009 3:44 PM

Does your company allow you to put a trailer hitch on the vehicle and tow with it? <BR> <BR>Doesn't sounds like it is worth losing your job over.

wakebrdr38 12-29-2009 4:06 PM

I have a jeep liberty 4x4 and it pulls my sn2001 just fine on backroads at like 50mph but its about 10 miles rounds trip to the ramp. It does ok on the highway but it makes me nervous. I dont think I would ever want to try and pull 4000 pounds. I launch at one of the steepest ramps I have ever seen and in 4 wheel drive its like nothing is back there when pulling it out so thats nice.

trdon 12-29-2009 9:07 PM

I had a 2wd dodge dakota reg cab 3.9V6 in it and I towed a sn2001 20 miles round trip 4 times a week with a few 200 mile one ways in there too. No brakes on the trailer, and i never had an issue that the truck couldnt stop

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