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watson_134_lf 12-15-2009 1:01 PM

was looking into getting a nikon d90, but i think i might hold off on that for a few years. <BR>started looking at flip's, but ran across this kodak and theres alot of things i like about it <BR>says it shoots 30 fps at 1080p and 60 fps at 720p which is pretty appealing, but what is really nice is that it says it has image stabilization built in, which flip doesnt have. <BR> <BR>does anyone have one of these? if so any input would be great! <BR>thanks

captain_542 12-15-2009 1:21 PM

i just got one. Haven't used it much yet. The image stabilization does a little but not much. When the light is good the picture is quite nice but when your subjects aren't well lit the whole picture kinda gets really noisy and grainy. But for 175 bucks its fun. <BR> <BR>Also look at the kodak zx1. it shoots up to 720p at 60fps and its more "rugged" as well as being smaller. its marketed towards action and adventure and outdoor fun. water resistant and shock resistant. but no image stabilizer

wakemania 12-15-2009 4:47 PM

I was looking into the Kodak Zi8 myself. I liked the 60fps feature. I figured this would smooth out some of the shakiness I hear about from the Flip. The thing I like about the Flip HD is the waterproof housing that you can get specifically for it.

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