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tchs22 12-12-2009 8:18 PM

Hey guys I have already posted one thing about ballast for ebbtides but i have a question....What is the max ammount of weight you guys have had in ya'lls boat? <BR> <BR>Currently have a 540 in ski locker, and a 250 on each side in the side doors. works great. <BR> <BR>but now im thinkin of puttin a 350 on each side of the engine and a 440 on top of ski locker. <BR> <BR>that would be almost 2200 lbs in the boat.... <BR> <BR>what would you do?

silvermustang35 12-13-2009 10:46 AM

I would say it depends on the engine and how many other people ride with you. When we had our I/O, I ran 700 in the locker, 360 in the very front of the locker in steel, 350 in the bow, another 350 above the locker and then (2) 85lb bags to counter white wash. Total load capacity on the boat was 9 persons or 1700 lbs. As you can tell, we ran 1930 in just weight. We added people to it and it created a nice wake. Front end sat pretty low but our I/O loved front end weight. Be careful driving it and turning. With that much weight, our was a little more than normal responsive on turning (as in it felt like it would roll). Whats the capacity plate on yours and what engine do you have? Also, what type of prop do you have and whats the pitch. Those can all make or break how it handles or pulls out of the hole or holds speed with that much weight too.

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