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sae4life 07-17-2003 1:41 PM

Can anyone honestly tell me that they have found a pair of dedicated wakeskate shoes worth the money. My vans work great, only complaint is they take forever to drain and dry out. Help a brotha out!!!

wakeguru 07-17-2003 2:33 PM

I don't know if they're worth it. <BR>I've ridden with the new Byerly's (white ones) and yes they grip great and are functional, but will they help you stick that trick?...probably not. <BR>You could drill some holes in the bottom of your vans and get the drainage. Who cares if they dry out, unless you want to wear them off the water.

tribal 07-18-2003 8:50 AM

Love my epiks.Can't say I really see a price dif between them and vans.

upupnaway 07-26-2003 9:57 AM

A buddy of mine spent a bit of cash on several pairs of skate shoes before going back to what he started with, a pair of wrestling shoes with holes drilled in them. <BR>they dry quickly, very flexible yet grippy, and they pad your ankle and heel when the board whacks them.

beerdrnknboardr 07-28-2003 1:34 AM

I just drilled some holes into some old tore up vans that i got and they work ok.

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