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snowman89 12-10-2009 10:40 PM

I'm getting my first video camera for christmas this year, just a flip ultra hd, and I've just started looking around for editing software. I'm looking to make the best possible videos I can with the flip and cheaper editing software but I'm just curious to what's possible so I'll know what to expect. I want to do more than just chop clips and add music and I have some ideas for some cinematic stuff but I don't know if it's even possible. I wanna be able to lay down photoshop layers in my video and export frames to photoshop, edit sound to and extent, make an imported picture stick with a fixed point in the background, and stuff like that. <BR> <BR>If anybody would share any videos they've made with lower level software that would be awesome or if anyone can give me an idea of the capabilities that would be great too. I'm just kinda clueless on the whole thing and software websites just show off all the cheesy things like putting in a ripple effect or lame transitions. <BR> <BR>I'm leaning towards adobe premiere elements right now because I'm already familiar with photoshop but if anyone else has some other recomendations I'd be open. <BR> <BR>Just kind of an offshoot there's a certain effect I'm really interested in doing but I'm guessing it'd be tough because I saw it in one of those Aaron Hadlow/Andy Gordon films. It's where the rider has frozen still frame at a certain point in a trick and the video keeps going with the lingering action shot. I understand you could import a cropped frame but that would put the picture on top of the moving video. My question is how do you get the still frame behind the video of the person wakeboarding but in front of the background?

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