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rake 07-17-2003 8:20 AM

I'm in the bay area and can't park a boat at my condo. I'm looking to buy one soon and would love some tips on a good place to store it either near the delta or berryessa. If neither of those, somewhere in the bay area. How much are you folks paying, any problems with security, etc. <BR> <BR>Thanks in advance for any comments.

rodmcinnis 07-17-2003 11:12 AM

I pay $50 a month to keep my boat at Tiki Lagun. <BR> <BR>Pros: <BR>It is ~100 feet from the launch ramp. <BR> <BR>I have a houseboat that I keep there, so it makes it very convenient. <BR> <BR>I can drive up in the Honda sedan and have the marina people launch the boat for me. <BR> <BR>Cons: <BR>It is very dirty there. Even with a cover on the boat will get dirty. <BR> <BR>No security. <BR> <BR> <BR>A friend of mine keeps his boat at one of these private storage places in Stockton. Unlike most, this one is set up specifically for storing boats and such (many of the PS storage places will not allow the storage of boats/cars inside). The advantages of this are that the boat is stored indoors, so it stays clean and protected. I am not sure what he pays or if he has 24 hour access. <BR> <BR>At Discovery Bay you can rent a spot in the boat shed. Boat is under cover, stays relatively clean, and is secure. I understand that it is expensive. <BR> <BR>There are lots of RV storage lots scattered around where you could park it. I would start at the place you like to launch from and look around there first. Factor in how you are going to wash the scum off when you haul the boat out, 24 hour access, refueling, etc. <BR> <BR> <BR>

levi 07-17-2003 1:36 PM

I'm going through the same questions you're having. I want my boat at the Delta so here's the info I've found: <BR> <BR>This is kinda what I've found. Go to <a href="http://www.californiadelta.org/deltamarina.htm" target="_blank">http://www.californiadelta.org/deltamarina.htm</a> and that will have most of the marinas on the delta w/ phone # or website. Rod is right about finding the place you like to ride and get a marina closest to there. <BR> <BR>Discovery Bay is around $80 buck/mo to have your boat up on the racks...but they charge $ every time you launch...it is $20 per launch! but may be cheaper if you're boat is stored there..but i think it may be the same? Oh, and they close at 5 weekdays and 6 fri and sat. I think. <BR> <BR>Orwood is also one of the closest...they are expesive...but you get a individual alarmed stall so you could leave all your gear in there and not haul it back and forth each time. but you do have to launch your own boat...so no driving up in the Honda..... They have a pretty long waiting list also... ~$150 if you have a foldable tower....more for the 14' doors. <BR> <BR>Bethle Island has tons of marinas...I have a buddy that stores his at Russo's and it is around $110 i think. It is under an open sided boat shed thing....but they launch your boat for you. <BR> <BR>That is about all the specifics I know. Hours of operation are key...as you'll have to have your boat back by the time they close or your boat will just sit in the water until the next morning when they can tack it out....and i'd be afraid they forget or something? <BR> <BR>I'll probably have it figured out for me by the end of the month for sure..so feel free to email me in a week or 2 and i'll give you the low down on my place of choice. With the $ you save on launching and towing the boat back and forth i figure it is a small price to pay.......

rodmcinnis 07-17-2003 1:59 PM

I have been at Discovery Bay when they have opened in the morning a few times. It is typical that rack storage people just leave their boat on the launch ramp dock if they returned late the night before and the marina people put it away when they open in the morning. I am also pretty certain that there are at least a certain number of launches included in the storage fee. <BR> <BR> There are two big drawbacks about this approach: <BR> <BR>1) They just pluck your boat out of the water and shove it in the rack, no chance to wash the scum off the bottom. If you want to work on it, they can take it off the rack and put it on a stand in an area where you can do stuff. <BR> <BR>2) All they store is the boat, you still need a place to put the trailer if you intend to keep it. <BR>

noquams 07-17-2003 4:00 PM

I keep my boat at Bethel Harbor. The poeple there are awesome and my boat is stored in a locked building. They are open in the summer from 7am to 7pm. They take the boat out and will put it by a hose so that you can wash it down after being in the water. I keep all of my gear in the boat and have never had an issue. The times I have returned after they are closed I take home the gear that I would not want stolen but have been told it is unlikely that it would if I did leave it in the boat. They charge 130 per month and they also store my trailer. they do not charge to launch the boat if you store it there.

rlntlss 07-19-2003 8:53 AM

Probably your closest spot on the Delta is Bethel Island. We keep our boat at Sugar Barge. It is all paved (other places like Russo's are dusty), has covered, secure storage for $100/month, their tractors put you in and out on a ramp, and they have a cool bar and restaurant. <BR> <BR>We checked out every other place around - Disco was the worst in terms of restrictions, cost, and a wait-list of over a year.

levi 07-20-2003 12:42 AM

Chip....do they really close so early like there website says? 4:30 pm pretty much eliminates an after work session... <IMG SRC="http://www.wakeworld.com/MB/Discus/clipart/sad.gif" ALT=":-(" BORDER=0> I do like the all paved surface though!

rlntlss 08-22-2003 12:57 PM

Yup, they close early during the week, and you tend to forget about it, meaning that you fought all the traffic on highway 4 to get out there, only to find your boat locked away. The trick then is to call ahead and get them to tow your boat out to the launch area, so you can launch it yourself when they're closed. You can then put it back on the trailer at the end of your session, and they'll put it back in storage the next morning. <BR> <BR>OTH, I'm getting tired of the Delta, and moving my boat to Berryessa for a year or so.

deltajake 08-23-2003 12:45 AM

I am now at The Sugar Barge. Nice people and great facility. The hours are limited and you do have to call ahead if you get out after 4:30. I just experience Bethal Harbor for repairs. Great storage, friendly people and I like the idea of mechanics on site. They are a little further to better water but more flexible.

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