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benbuchholz 12-09-2009 5:26 PM

Couple of problems using vegas Pro 9.0, wondering if anyone knows of a solution. I've searched around quite a bit on the web and can't find an answer. First off, i'm using a T1i to shoot some video stuff. The file formats are .MOV, which is fine because they still play on my Dell. However, they're really choppy. when i import them to Vegas to edit, they're also very choppy, which makes editing kind of difficult because I can't find the exact spot where I want to add a transition, effect, or whatever. but after I render the file, the finished product plays as smooth as can be. (Rendered to an .avi). Second problem: i realized I don't want to render to .avi, because a ten minute clip is 2.14 gigabytes. not suitable for vimeo, obviously. I've tried rendering to .MP4, but my computer crashes/shuts down at some point during the rendering process. EVERY time. I tried .MOV, same thing happens. I've tried reducing the rendering threads from 4 to 1, nothing works. Does anyone have any ideas of what might fix that? <BR> <BR>Thanks in advance to anyone that helps out!

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