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aidansdad 12-07-2009 11:38 AM

Already posted this on TMC, but thought i'd post here as well for more opinions/info. Our regular ride is a friend's 07 Sunscape 21LSV on the Diamond hull. Due to expanding family, he will be selling, and my wife and I are now in the market. We r novice boarders at best, but always looking to progress. I've seen some 00-03 23' LSVs that seem like the perfect boat on paper, but none are close enough to ride in and actually experience. Both models are listed as having the V25 Diamond hull, but have different beams/lengths. Is there a difference in the hulls otherwise? If not, then this boat would be perfect for us. Any known issues w/ the boats besides PP wheel and front bag filling? How are owners weighting theirs for wake/surfing. We surf about 40% of the time, Board 50%, and other 10%. We really like the width and space that the boat would bring, but don't want to completely sacrifice wake for comfort/convenience. Also, any wake pictures of the older LSVs would be appreciated. Finally, what tower does everyone recommend? We love the look/use of the illusion, but have only seen one that had the Illusion tower put on, and don't really see the feasibility of it as the tower was made to go on a 98" hull, and the Escape/LSV was a 97" hull (beam).

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