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ship_of_fools 12-02-2009 8:33 PM

I want to add a couple of Polk Audio DB651 speakers in my boat. <BR> <BR>I would like to make an enclosure for them and just mount the enclosure on a storage "shelf" that I have. <BR> <BR>Is there a optimal size that I should try to make the enclosure? <BR> <BR>Should it be airtight or should I leave an opening as a port? <BR> <BR>Thanks

newty 12-02-2009 9:54 PM

Your not going to get any reasonable bass with these speakers so having an enclosure is not needed. <BR>IMO just having some sound deadening behind the speakers in a stock location will go farther than any enclosure.

wakeboardsam 12-02-2009 10:09 PM

Maybe he doesn't have a stock location, like my old SAN 210, I never put speakers in because I was chicken to cut the holes.

ship_of_fools 12-02-2009 10:38 PM

I want to put these up in the bow of the boat. There is a shelf that runs along either side of the boat for storage. <BR> <BR>I don't want to cut any holes so I was just going to make a small box out of treated wood that will be a custom fit in the front corner of the shelf. Then cover it with the same carpet so it looks factory. <BR> <BR>It is basically how the rear 4 speakers were mounted from the factory. But the mid enclosures are basically sealed and the rear ones don't even have a top to them?? And, these 2 are not the same size. <BR> <BR>I would think you I would want some type of opening in it?? And I am not sure how much different the size makes, can't imagine it would be much.

murphy_smith 12-03-2009 7:41 AM

Give Polk Customer Service a call and tell them what you are trying to do. You can find their number on their website. <BR> <BR>I think they would be able to give you a quick and correct answer.

chpthril 12-03-2009 7:53 AM

All you really need a "baffle board" to mount the speaker through that will separate the front a rear of the speaker. No sealed enclosure necessary.

david_e_m 12-03-2009 8:54 AM

FJK, <BR> <BR>Its an infinite baffle speaker designed for the large volume of a car door for example. While a small sealed enclosure will seriously limit the lower bandwidth of this speaker its still preferred over an open enclosure so you have front to rear acoustic isolation. <BR> <BR>You can port anything with a small PVC tube. But with this speaker in the size of enclosure I'm envisioning, you're probably going to get a pronounced single note effect. It wouldn't be too hard to trial and error with a couple of different tube lengths. There's just no way to model this in advance. <BR> <BR>Go with sealed. Its predictable in this application, both sonically and in power handling. And just like Mike said, it doesn't have to be a complete enclosure as long as you have good isolation front to rear. <BR> <BR>David <BR>Earmark Marine

ship_of_fools 12-03-2009 3:32 PM

Thanks all. <BR> <BR>Looks like I will just focus on making something that will fit into the area I want it to go in and look good. Then play around with covering the top for a completely sealed box.

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