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empire_wake 11-29-2009 5:56 PM

Empire Wake is looking for a part time sales position. This job entails some commitment but not requiring you to quit your other job. <BR> <BR>The position: <BR>Help Empire Wake secure sponsors both endemic and non endemic for growth of the company. Empire is looking to raise more capital to grow events to a stronger level and pay more staff across the country during the events. (Judges and drivers) <BR>Also, help collect prizes for winners at all the events, Collegiate Wake Series and Atlas Wake Series. <BR> <BR>Pay: <BR>The pay is commission only! The more you work on this and show effort the more commission you will receive. Starting pay is 12% of all capital you raise. 20% commission for experience and time committed. <BR>Bonus checks will be paid for making above quota at each event and seasonally. <BR> <BR>If looking for full time spot, can also take over sales of merch at events and online. This includes Empire Wake clothing as well as sponsor items we sell directly. <BR> <BR>Paychecks are cut as soon as the sponsor check clears. <BR> <BR>Requirements: <BR>Do not need to live anywhere specific, but NC, VA, SC, or Texas are ideal. <BR> <BR>Must be in contact with Empire most days through email or phone. <BR> <BR>Must have a positive attitude and show professional behavior. <BR> <BR>Skills with photoshop are a plus. <BR> <BR>This job requires self motivation and time. If you only can work weekends, this job is not for you. The more you put in the more money you will get back. <BR> <BR>Please contact us at <a href="mailto:empirewake@gmail.com">empirewake@gmai l.com</a> <BR>Submit a resume and personal letter.

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