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talltigeguy 11-29-2009 5:09 PM

So I get to the lake the day after Thanksgiving, and it is gorgeous. The water is only 47 degrees so it is mostly fishermen, and 1 other guy is there. Turns out he is a major wally in the worst way possible. The lake is pretty small and he is singlehandedly destroying a lake that could probably manage good water for 10 boats or more if everyone drove correctly. He is driving north and south, then east and west and then powerturns every time someone falls. Luckily he left right after we started, but I still wish there were a way to educate people how to maintain good water for themselves and others. <BR> <BR>I really feel like a jerk, even if my intentions are good if I pull up to the guy and give him a lesson on correct driving. <BR> <BR>What about paying 7 bucks to get 500 business cards with a brief description of what good driving is and maybe a link to a well produced you tube video that would nicely show what helps to keep water smooth? Then I could distribute the cards in the parking lot on the windshield when I see him. I am sure that anyone who is going out this time of year is likely going to be back to the lake, or is going to be there at 6 am next summer doing the same thing. <BR>A simple diagram on the back of the card might further get the point across. <BR> <BR>I think that might work in a relatively small community like where I live.

mcook77 11-29-2009 5:26 PM

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